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Private Sales Emerge as Obstacle to Senate Action on Guns

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats in Congress are trying to pass the first major gun control legislation in more than two decades with the support of President Joe Biden, who said Thursday that it is "long past time" to do so.... Read More

White House
Gun Violence Plan Seeks New Ownership Restrictions
2021-04-08 20:42:38
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden announced measures Thursday to restrict sales of “ghost guns” and to take firearms away from potentially dangerous persons. The proposals are part of a larger campaign against gun violence. “Gun violence in this country is... Read More

White House
Democrats Press McConnell, Trump To Move on Background Checks
2019-08-13 21:54:59
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Democrats led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump on Tuesday to endorse House-passed legislation expanding background checks on gun buyers and to take other steps to... Read More

Lawmakers Propose ‘Red Flag’ Laws After Mass Shootings: Effect Remains Unclear

Lawmakers are facing increased public pressure to take action and stop the gun violence after two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio killed 31 people over the past weekend.  President Donald Trump and congressional members of both parties appear eager... Read More

In The News
Democrats Skeptical Following Trump Response to Mass Shootings
2019-08-05 21:36:32
by Dan McCue

President Donald Trump addressed the nation Monday, two days after weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio left 32 dead, calling on Americans to condemn “racism, bigotry and white supremacy” in “one voice,” and vowing to seek a bipartisan response to... Read More

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