Future of Supply Chain, Analytics
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Future of Supply Chain, Analytics
2021-11-15 21:46:25
by Victoria Turner

WASHINGTON — Transparency is imperative as the world navigates a pandemic-induced supply chain disruption and works to improve its resiliency, according to a panel of experts at Monday’s Hudson Institute event.  In the U.S. military’s “biggest modernization effort since World... Read More

Bordeaux Leading Bipartisan Effort to Make Supply Chain More Resilient
2021-11-01 13:18:04
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — It’s easy to dip one’s toe into the 24-hour news cycle and suppose the breakdown of the nation’s supply chain for incoming and outgoing goods is a west coast phenomena. The truth is, the backlogs have impacted ports... Read More

AMP Issues Supply Chain Letter to DOT Secretary Buttigieg
2021-10-26 17:08:36
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON — The American Maritime Partnership publicly released a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg underscoring the continued reliability of America’s domestic maritime services despite the current supply chain crisis.  In a press release AMP stated, American... Read More

In The News
Microsoft Says Russian Hackers Again Target Global Supply Chain
2021-10-26 12:57:35
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — Microsoft announced Monday that the same hackers who tapped into U.S. government computers in the 2020 SolarWinds cyberattack continue to attack the global supply chain but with a slightly revamped strategy. This time, the Russia-backed group Microsoft calls... Read More

Report: Offshore Wind Supply Chain Worth $109B Over 10 Years

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A group studying the economics of offshore wind energy in the U.S. says building and operating the nascent industry will be worth $109 billion to businesses in its supply chain over the next 10 years.... Read More

White House Action on Supply Chain Bottleneck Seen As First Step To Ending Crisis
2021-10-14 19:52:46
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON -- They’ve almost become as ubiquitous as scenes of weathermen and women leaning into the fierce winds of a tropical storm during hurricane season. We refer, of course, to the daily television news footage of a reporter bobbing up... Read More

White House Steps Up Fight Against Supply Chain Woes
2021-10-13 15:44:22
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON --  In an ideal economy, the nation’s supply chains work something like this: raw materials, finished products and ready-to-assemble merchandise like cars and trucks flow into the nation’s ports. The largest of these ports, those blessed to sit on... Read More

Pentagon to Address Supply Chain Issues Unveiled by Pandemic
2021-09-08 18:18:58
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON — The Department of Defense is establishing a supply chain resiliency working group to address systemic barriers that limit “supply chain visibility” in addition to performing resiliency assessments and developing effective mitigation measures. In February, President Joe Biden issued... Read More

Semiconductor Shortage a Continuing National Concern
2021-06-25 14:26:07
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — In our increasingly wired life, semiconductors power much of what we do, but only recently did these technical wonders — called chips — start receiving broad interest.  All of a sudden, worries persist not only about whether there... Read More

US Supply Chain Cyberdefense Approach Needs to Assist Small Businesses
2021-05-27 14:29:50
by Victoria Turner

The U.S. witnessed an “uptick” in ransomware attacks during the pandemic, particularly small businesses. And if those small businesses were offline even a couple of days, “the impact on their supply chain was so significant” that manufacturers turned to other... Read More

Defense Department Seeks Comments on Supply Chain Risks for Critical Materials
2021-04-15 17:52:43
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON - The Defense Department is seeking comments on risks to the supply chain for strategic and critical materials. In February, President Joe Biden signed an executive order directing the Defense Department and three other federal agencies to closely examine... Read More

Supply Bottlenecks Leave Ships Stranded, Businesses Stymied

NEW YORK (AP) — A trade bottleneck born of the COVID-19 outbreak has U.S. businesses anxiously awaiting goods from Asia — while off the coast of California, dozens of container ships sit anchored, unable to unload their cargo.  The pandemic... Read More

FDA Relaxes Vaccine Storage Rules to Speed Up Rollout
2021-02-26 21:31:46
by Daniel Mollenkamp

WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration has relaxed the rules around storage and transportation for some coronavirus vaccines in order to speed up the vaccine rollout. Frozen vials of Pfizer-BioNTech's coronavirus vaccine will be allowed to be kept at... Read More

White House
Biden to Order a Review of US Supply Chains for Vital Goods

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is preparing to sign an executive order to review U.S. supply chains for large-capacity batteries, pharmaceuticals, critical minerals and semiconductors that power cars, phones, military equipment and other goods.  The United States has become... Read More

Senate Confronts China Threat to Beat Out U.S. Economy
2020-07-23 20:25:35
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate tried to figure out a response Wednesday to a trade war with China that is taking on new urgency during the coronavirus pandemic. Republican and Democratic senators identified Chinese computer hackers and patent thieves as... Read More

When the Nation's Medical Supply Chain Faltered, This Software Firm Stepped Into the Fray
2020-06-05 17:49:11
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - If you wanted to have a front row seat to a global viral pandemic, you probably couldn't have been in a better position to do so than Keith Herron was three months ago. The company he'd worked at... Read More

Maritime Industry Asks Congress for Bailout During Coronavirus
2020-06-01 12:08:15
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON - Representatives of the U.S. maritime industry asked Congress for an emergency bailout Friday as they described how coronavirus is hurting ports and shippers. They are expecting their revenue to drop by as much as one-quarter below normal levels... Read More

Department of Transportation Relaxes Rest Stop Rules For Truck Drivers
2020-05-18 21:25:26
by Gaspard Le Dem

WASHINGTON - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced on Thursday that it had finalized new rules to give truckers more flexibility on their driving hours. The announcement comes after two years of intense public debate over how to give... Read More

Expert Says USMCA Will Make North American Firms More Competitive
2020-03-27 13:40:19
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Although it barely caused a ripple given the understandable focus on the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, a historic new chapter in North American commerce began two weeks ago Friday, when Canada became the third and final country to ratify... Read More

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