Critics Say Humanitarian Aid May Prolong Conflict, Hamper Long-Term Development
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Critics Say Humanitarian Aid May Prolong Conflict, Hamper Long-Term Development
2021-11-29 22:54:36
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, at the end of 2020 the most people on record — about 82.4 million people — were displaced around the world and 243.8 million people required humanitarian assistance. That... Read More

Officials: Many Migrants From Border Camp Staying in US

DEL RIO, Texas (AP) — Many Haitian migrants camped in a small Texas border town are being released in the United States, two U.S. officials said, undercutting the Biden administration's public statements that the thousands in the camp faced immediate... Read More

In The States
Texas Gov. Abbott Deploys National Guard to Assist in Border Arrests
2021-07-29 14:49:12
by Reece Nations

AUSTIN, Texas -- In accordance with plans first announced in June, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday ordered the state National Guard to aid Department of Public Safety troopers with apprehending individuals for state charges related to the border crisis.... Read More

US Taps Groups to Pick Asylum-Seekers to Allow Into Country

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Biden administration has quietly tasked six humanitarian groups with recommending which migrants should be allowed to stay in the U.S. instead of being rapidly expelled from the country under federal pandemic-related powers that block people... Read More

Biden Taps Harris to Take Lead on Response to Border Crisis
2021-03-24 19:52:36
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden is putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of leading the White House effort to get a handle on the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Biden made the announcement as he and Harris... Read More

Asylum Seekers at U.S. Mexico Border, A ‘Population in Peril’
2020-07-31 18:53:36
by Kate Michael

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Well before the pandemic, migrants at the northern Mexican border were vulnerable to poor health outcomes. Mexican and U.S. policies put in place before COVID-19 affected migrants' quality of life, and policies added during the health crisis... Read More

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