The Uncertainty of Government Run Healthcare
The Uncertainty of Government Run Healthcare
2019-10-22 15:38:06
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Accustomed as they are to believing government can do a great deal of good for a great many, serious Democrats have grown increasingly concerned over the potential long-term ramifications of Medicare for all proposals. While it's easy --... Read More

'Medicare for All' Divides Democratic Presidential Field: Not Everyone Agrees It Is the Solution
2019-09-03 14:57:56
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - In 2018, centrist Democrats flipped 38 seats previously held by Republicans in part because they vowed to protect the Affordable Care Act against the GOP's repeated attempts to dismantle it. Many expected a repeat heading into the 2020... Read More

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Majority Of Large Employers Have Concerns About 'Medicare For All' Proposals, Survey Finds
2019-08-20 12:43:11
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - A majority of large employers believe the Medicare for all proposals being touted by some White House aspirants would lower the number of uninsured in the United States, but at a cost of higher taxes and a decline... Read More

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