Stabenow Says 'We Need to Be Making Things in America'
Stabenow Says 'We Need to Be Making Things in America'
2021-12-02 19:19:30
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Over the last decades, the United States has hollowed out its industrial sector, continuing to focus on research and development but turning to other countries to actually produce much of what is needed to maintain a modern functioning... Read More

Inter-American Development Bank Creates Toolkit for Nearshoring Supply Chains
2021-08-10 17:44:33
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON -- Among the unpredicted impacts of COVID-19 was the vulnerability of American dependence on manufacturing and services from China. Everything from consumer products to pharmaceuticals and health and safety equipment experienced delays and shortages as a result of China... Read More

White House
Biden Proposes Rule to Bolster America’s Manufacturing Sector
2021-07-28 13:37:03
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden announced a new proposed rule Wednesday morning that’s intended to strengthen domestic supply chains and bolster the nation’s manufacturing sector by establishing a higher threshold for products to qualify as made in the United States.... Read More

White House
Business Groups Push Back Against Sweeping EO Aimed At Curbing Corporate Power
2021-07-10 15:48:16
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Business groups are pushing back this weekend against a sweeping executive order signed by President Joe Biden on Friday intended to curb anti-competitive practice in tech, telecom and other business sectors. Executive Order 14036, also known by its... Read More

Senate Passes Bill to Boost US Tech Industry, Counter Rivals

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill Tuesday that aims to boost U.S. semiconductor production and the development of artificial intelligence and other technology in the face of growing international competition, most notably from China. The 68-32 vote... Read More

Panelists Call for Industrial Policy to Counter China’s Party-State Economic Approach
2021-02-17 17:02:32
by Victoria Turner

The proposal for a national industrial policy took the stage Tuesday as a panel of experts grappled with how the U.S. government should respond to the increasing challenges posed by China’s “party-state capitalism.”  Panelists discussed the increased global growth of... Read More

House Watch
NY-22: Claudia Tenney (R)
2020-11-02 05:03:11
by TWN Staff

About Tenney: Claudia Tenney is an attorney and businesswoman. She was elected to Congress in November 2016 to represent New York’s 22nd District which encompasses eight counties in Upstate New York. Prior to her election to Congress, Claudia represented portions... Read More

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