Pandemic Drives Largest Drop in Life Expectancy Since WWII
Pandemic Drives Largest Drop in Life Expectancy Since WWII
2021-07-21 13:12:05
by Dan McCue

U.S. life expectancy fell by a year and a half in 2020, the largest overall decline since World War II, the Centers for Disease Control reported Wednesday. The decline to 77.3 years was driven by the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC’s... Read More

Chicago Mayor Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis
2021-06-21 20:01:19
by Alexa Hornbeck

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared racism a public health crisis in Chicago this week, pointing to new research from the Chicago Department of Public Health showing that racism is the primary reason for a 9.2-year life expectancy gap between Black... Read More

Suicides and Overdoses Among Factors Fueling Drop in US Life Expectancy

It’s official: Americans are dying much sooner in life. Preliminary signals of declining health were neither a false alarm nor a statistical fluke. A reversal of American life expectancy, a downward trend that has now been sustained for three years... Read More

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