Chief Justice Roberts is America’s Top Federal Leader, According to Poll
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Chief Justice Roberts is America’s Top Federal Leader, According to Poll
2021-12-27 20:47:14
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Americans routinely tell pollsters they don’t like much of what goes on in the nation’s capital, but evidently they do like one leader a lot – Chief Justice John Roberts. According to a poll conducted by the Gallup... Read More

New FDA Chief Can't Come Soon Enough for Beleaguered Agency

WASHINGTON (AP) — Straining under a pandemic workload and battered by a string of public controversies, one of the leading agencies in the government's fight against COVID-19 is finally on the verge of getting a new commissioner. After nearly nine... Read More

Opinion Polls
Americans More Likely to View Government Leadership, Lack of Unity as Nation’s Primary Concern
2021-01-25 17:29:33
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON — Americans were more likely to designate the lack of government leadership and unity as the nation’s primary issue this month, according to polling analysis from Gallup.  Tensions stoked by a contentious presidential transition, the impeachment of former President... Read More

Virtual Event Focuses on Leading During a Crisis
2020-04-09 20:52:20
by Kate Michael

Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban headlined a virtual discussion hosted by Axios Friday afternoon focused on leading in a crisis, sharing his thoughts on specifically how to lead and work together for social good in the midst of a global pandemic. ... Read More

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