Schools Fight Back Against GOP Governors, Defy Bans on Masks
Schools Fight Back Against GOP Governors, Defy Bans on Masks

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — With the highly contagious delta variant fueling a surge in coronavirus cases just as students return to classrooms, major school districts in Arizona, Florida, Texas and beyond are increasingly defying Republican leaders who banned school... Read More

Emergency Management
President to Meet with Governors to Prepare for Natural Disasters
2021-06-23 21:38:44
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden announced Tuesday he would meet with state governors next week to map out a strategy for handling disasters from severe weather. Heat and drought in western states is creating wildfires and crop damage. The National... Read More

Governors Call on Congress to Pass Cannabis Banking Act
2021-04-20 14:44:31
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan delegation of governors is urging Congress to pass legislation that would allow banks and credit unions to provide services to licensed cannabis dispensaries.  The governors of 20 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands circulated a letter... Read More

Governors Scramble to Speed Vaccine Effort After Slow Start

New York’s governor threatened to fine hospitals if they don't use their allotment of COVID-19 vaccine fast enough. His South Carolina counterpart warned health care workers they have until Jan. 15 to get a shot or move to the back... Read More

Think Tanks
CATO Institute Releases Biennial Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors
2020-10-06 21:34:25
by Sara Wilkerson

Today the CATO Institute, a non-profit public policy research foundation, released its 15th biennial fiscal policy report card on the nation’s governors. This year’s CATO report card examines the country’s governors and their state budget actions since 2018.  Prior to... Read More

State News
GOP Governors Ignored Mask Mandate Advice From Task Force

WASHINGTON — The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis released eight weekly reports from the White House Coronavirus Task Force this summer that showed concerns about the coronavirus’s spread, the same time period when the administration prematurely declared victory... Read More

State News
Governors Disregarding White House Guidelines on Reopening

Many governors across the U.S. are disregarding or creatively interpreting White House guidelines for safely easing restrictions and letting businesses reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, an Associated Press analysis found. The AP determined that 17 states did not meet a... Read More

In The News
Barr Threatens Legal Action Against Governors Over Lockdowns

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department will consider taking legal action against governors who continue to impose stringent rules for dealing with the coronavirus that infringe on constitutional rights even after the crisis subsides in their states, Attorney General William Barr... Read More

State News
Governors Brace for 'New Normal' as They Take Steps to Kick-Start Economies
2020-04-16 14:54:31
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Ahead of an expected White House announcement on the easing of restrictions meant to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, governors across the nation are preparing for a "new normal" that will be quite different from the... Read More

Federal Budget
Governors Oppose Billion-Dollar Cuts to National Guard Funding
2020-02-24 20:01:08
by Dan McCue

The National Governors Association is joining with the National Guard Association of the United States to oppose the Department of Defense’s planned reprogramming, which would cut nearly $1.7 billion from the National Guard and Reserve. At the request of the... Read More

State News
Governors Hold Summit on Regional Approach to Cannabis and Vaping Legislation
2019-10-18 21:07:24
by Dan McCue

The governors of five northeastern states came together for a summit on Thursday to discuss the outlines of a joint regional approach to cannabis and vaping policies. "This issue is complicated, controversial and consequential. It is probably one of the... Read More

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