Pomp, Circumstance and a Shared Vision of the Future Mark Macron Visit
White House
Pomp, Circumstance and a Shared Vision of the Future Mark Macron Visit
2022-12-01 22:43:01
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Pomp and military flare were on vivid display on the South Lawn of the White House early Thursday morning as President Joe Biden formally welcomed his French counterpart, President Emmanuel Macron, to the executive mansion. Though the two... Read More

French President’s US Visit to Feature Serious Talk, a State Dinner and a Side Trip to New Orleans
2022-11-28 22:58:04
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — French President Emmanuel Macron’s whirlwind visit to the U.S. this week will include multiple stops in the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday and Thursday and end with a visit to the Big Easy on Friday. The White House announced... Read More

Renewable Energy
Europe's Farmers Stir Up Biogas to Offset Russian Energy

SONCHAMP, France (AP) — In lush fields southwest of Paris, farmers are joining Europe’s fight to free itself from Russian gas. They'll soon turn on the tap of a new facility where crops and agricultural waste are mashed up and fermented... Read More

French President Macron Reelected: What's Happening Next?

PARIS (AP) — After winning another five years in the French presidential palace, Emmanuel Macron intends to go back to work straightaway on domestic and foreign policy — but he will soon face crucial parliamentary elections where he may struggle... Read More

Ukraine Crisis Talks Move to Moscow and Washington

MOSCOW (AP) — International efforts to defuse the standoff over Ukraine intensified Monday, with French President Emmanuel Macron holding talks in Moscow and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Washington to coordinate policies as fears of a Russian invasion mounted. The... Read More

With Salty Language, Macron Berates France’s Unvaccinated

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron has provoked outcries in parliament and protests from election rivals by using a vulgarity to describe his strategy for pressuring vaccine refusers to get coronavirus jabs. Macron used the French word “emmerder,” rooted... Read More

Abbott Defended Australia’s AUKUS Sub Agreement in Special Trip to U.S.
2021-11-04 20:30:44
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — The United States, France and Australia have been in a public fight over a canceled submarine deal that has heated since the three nations came together at the COP26 environmental talks in Scotland. In the days leading up... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Vice President Harris to Meet With Macron During Paris Visit
2021-10-22 18:50:54
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in November in the administration’s latest attempt to repair the diplomatic damage caused by a botched submarine agreement. The White House announced Friday that Harris and Second... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Biden Discusses AUKUS Partnership with Macron Amid 'Diplomatic Crisis'
2021-09-22 18:09:38
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday to discuss the United States' new strategic partnership with the U.K. and Australia. Australia is set to construct eight nuclear-powered submarines through its alliance with the U.S.... Read More

'Crisis of Trust': France Bristles at US Submarine Deal

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — France's top diplomat declared Monday that there is a "crisis of trust" in the United States after a Pacific defense deal stung France and left Europe wondering about its longtime ally across the Atlantic. France canceled... Read More

Foreign Affairs
After Failed Trump Romance, France Seeks Reset Under Biden

PARIS (AP) — After increasingly strained U.S.-France relations under Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed Sunday to work closely together to fight the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. Their first conversation since Biden’s inauguration aimed... Read More

Foreign Affairs
UK Holds Crisis Talks as France Closes Border on Virus Fears

LONDON (AP) — Trucks waiting to get in and out of Britain backed up for miles and people were stranded at airports Monday as many countries imposed stringent travel restrictions over concerns about a new strain of the coronavirus that... Read More

Davos Breakthrough: France, US Agree to Press Ahead With Global 'Digital Tax' Talks
2020-01-23 15:56:34
by Dan McCue

The United States and France agreed Thursday to proceed with talks that could result in a global rewrite of cross-border tax rules for the digital era. The agreement to temporarily set aside a brewing tariff war over France’s digital tax... Read More

In The News
Raising a Glass of Champagne Will Get More Expensive Under Trump’s Tariff Plan

WASHINGTON — That glass of Champagne being raised to welcome in the New Year is about to get a lot more expensive. Absent a major breakthrough in trade negotiations with France, the Trump administration is preparing to raise tariffs on... Read More

Foreign Affairs
US Mulls Duties on $2.4 Billion in French Goods Over Tech Tax

WASHINGTON — The U.S. proposed tariffs on roughly $2.4 billion in French products, in response to a tax on digital revenues that hits large American tech companies including Google, Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. “France’s digital services tax... Read More

France Accuses Google of Flouting EU Copyright Law Meant to Help News Publishers

France has accused American internet giant Google of ignoring “the spirit and the letter” of a Europe-wide copyright law aimed at giving publishers a bigger cut of the economic benefit from online news. French President Emmanuel Macron and the country’s... Read More

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