Feds Unveil Plan to Get Clean Energy on the Grid Faster
Feds Unveil Plan to Get Clean Energy on the Grid Faster
2022-06-17 15:58:18
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators on Thursday rolled out a proposed overhaul of long-standing policies governing how new power projects are connected to transmission lines. The intention behind the proposal from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is to unstop a bottleneck... Read More

White House
Biden Rejoices After House Achieves ‘Monumental’ Breakthrough on Infrastructure
2021-11-06 20:48:45
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — If there’s ever been a broader smile on the face of a president than President Joe Biden wore Saturday morning in the State Dining Room of the White House, history was not on hand to record it. Beaming... Read More

Analysts Ask Congress to Expand Clean Energy Tax Cuts to Nuclear Energy
2021-10-07 20:32:36
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON — Senior analysts from the Breakthrough Institute circulated a letter on Thursday compelling Congressional leaders to extend federal clean-energy tax credits to advanced nuclear energy. Breakthrough Institute's Jameson McBride, senior climate and energy analyst, and Adam Stein, senior nuclear... Read More

Hickenlooper Pitches New FERC Authority To Help Biden’s Clean Energy Plan
2021-09-16 14:08:59
by Daniel Mollenkamp

WASHINGTON- The economic impact of the switch to clean energy may have the chance to make the transition a truly bipartisan issue, according to Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo. During an event Tuesday hosted by the Public Policy Institute on expanding... Read More

Biden Turns to Colorado to Pitch Investments in Clean Energy

LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — While legislators craft the details back in Washington, President Joe Biden is pitching his massive domestic spending package with a visit to a renewable energy lab in Colorado to highlight how the investments in clean... Read More

White House
Biden Lays Out Clean Transportation Goals
2021-08-06 14:28:33
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden signed an executive order Thursday laying out fuel-efficiency goals that seek to ensure half the cars and trucks sold in the United States by 2030 are zero-emission electric vehicles. He pledged large federal investments to... Read More

In The States
Biofuel Firm Proposes $70 Million Renewable Fuel Plant in Louisiana
2021-06-30 13:46:52
by Dan McCue

BATON ROUGE, La. - A firm specializing in the development of clean fuels hopes to invest $70 million in southern Louisiana to build a plant that can source waste from four nearby sugar mills and turn it into biofuel. Though... Read More

Environmentalists Tell Congress to Invest in Efficient Electricity
2021-06-29 20:00:18
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- Environmental advocates promoted a plan to Congress Tuesday that calls for the United States to reach a 100% clean energy economy by 2050. Fossil fuels and coal-fired electrical generating plants would be replaced by solar power, hydroelectric dams... Read More

Congress Favors Proposals for Clean Energy Built on Public Lands
2021-05-25 13:49:53
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden’s aggressive environmental agenda moved forward during a congressional hearing Monday on whether to increase development of clean energies on federal lands. Democrats and Republicans agreed more solar, wind and geothermal energy plants should be built... Read More

Biden Wants to Power 10 Million Homes With Wind Energy

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is moving to sharply increase offshore wind energy along the East Coast, saying Monday it is taking initial steps toward approving a huge wind farm off the New Jersey coast as part of an... Read More

House Panel to Begin Heavy Lifting on Infrastructure
2021-03-15 23:19:50
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON - The House Energy and Commerce Committee will begin marshalling the Biden Administation's next big policy goal through Congress next Monday, with a hearing on a $312 billion infrastructure plan. The bill, called the Leading Infrastructure For Tomorrow's America... Read More

Democrats Push for Climate Change Bills Similar to Biden’s Proposals
2020-09-25 14:48:51
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- Congressional Democrats used a hearing on climate change Thursday to advocate for pending clean energy bills that would revamp a big swath of federal regulations. Record-setting wildfires in western states and hurricanes along the Gulf Coast are adding... Read More

House Democrats Unveil $1.5 Trillion 'Moving America Forward' Infrastructure Bill
2020-06-19 18:56:43
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - House Democrats unveiled a sweeping $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan on Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said combines the best of several existing proposals on roads, education, broadband and more, with a particular focus on clean energy, sustainability... Read More

Dems Urge Congress To Create “Robust” Recovery Plan For Clean Energy
2020-06-05 14:44:20
by Gaspard Le Dem

WASHINGTON - A group of lawmakers in the House and Senate urged congressional leaders on Wednesday to support the clean energy sector in future coronavirus stimulus legislation. In a letter signed by 57 members -- all Democrats or independents --... Read More

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