New Report Studies Anti-Asian Sentiment in the COVID Era
New Report Studies Anti-Asian Sentiment in the COVID Era
2022-01-04 14:04:38
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — The pandemic led to increased bias against Asians according to a recent report. The RAND Corporation recently published findings from a series of surveys that identified key themes regarding the causes of, reaction to, and mitigation measures against... Read More

Political News
‘We Are Not a Monolith’: Understanding Mass Diversity Key to Winning Over APPI Voters
2021-05-28 19:13:52
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month may be wrapping up, but the APPI community is pledging to come together to speak up, speak out, and be heard as perhaps never before.  There has been recognition of APPI heritage... Read More

Civil Rights
Younger AAPI Taking the Helm to Combat Anti-Asian Violence
2021-04-14 14:05:10
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON DC — For Michigan State Sen. Stephanie Chang it has been hard to find words to explain the violence and senseless killings of the last several months to her mixed-race six-year-old daughter.  “She’s Asian and Black and I want... Read More

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