Alcohol-Involved Suicides Have Increased Significantly Among Women
Alcohol-Involved Suicides Have Increased Significantly Among Women
2022-12-07 16:53:37
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON — Suicide deaths involving heavy alcohol use have increased significantly among women in recent years, according to a new study funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Previous research has shown that alcohol is a risk... Read More

Survey Reveals US Women Lack Basic Knowledge About Uterine Health
2022-09-28 19:29:46
by Dan McCue

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — A significant percentage of U.S. women lack an awareness of uterine health, including uterine fibroid symptoms and treatment options, according to a survey commissioned by Hologic, Inc., a medical technology firm focused on women’s health. Uterine fibroids... Read More

Political News
Could Vermont Elect its First Congresswoman?
2022-07-12 20:51:27
by Madeline Hughes

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Vermont is the only state in the U.S. that has never elected a woman to Congress. However, the odds favor voters sending a woman to represent the Green Mountain State in 2022 as six of the eight... Read More

Report Reveals Experiences of Women and Minorities in STEM Work
2022-05-04 13:34:49
by Alexa Hornbeck

WASHINGTON — A report released Tuesday from the American Enterprise Institute takes a look at the promise and pitfalls of working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, especially for women and minorities. “These testimonials unearth startling personal insights... Read More

Report Shows US Health Care System Poorly Serves Reproductive Age Women
2022-04-05 20:57:08
by Alexa Hornbeck

WASHINGTON — The U.S. health care system does a poor job of serving women of reproductive age compared to 10 other wealthy countries, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report. “Women use the health care system more than men do,”... Read More

Study Shows How College Education Can Impact Family Planning in Women
2021-09-08 20:14:54
by Alexa Hornbeck

A recent article published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences finds a new trend occurring when it comes to the role of marriage in family formation among college-educated women. “Until recently, nearly all college-educated women waited to... Read More

Mental Health
Women in the Rockies Use Horses for Healing
2021-05-05 21:21:35
by Alexa Hornbeck

About 6 miles outside of a tiny town called Granby, Colo.,  is a little ranching community called C Lazy U Ranch nestled 8,000 feet high aside the cusp of the towering Rocky Mountains.  Entering the ranch is a dusty dirt... Read More

Creating Innovation Incentives for Women and Minorities
2021-04-22 15:56:35
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- As COVID-19 puts pressure on industries to innovate for solutions, a Senate subcommittee is looking at why women and minorities are left behind in the search for new technologies. The ultimate goal of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on... Read More

Meeting the Unique Needs of Female Service Members
2021-03-16 17:35:30
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Women may be the fastest-growing cohort of the U.S. armed forces, but this critical part of our modern military may also be the most overlooked. Not only do female veterans have unique needs regarding their military to civilian... Read More

Yellen Encourages ‘The Age of Womenomics’
2021-03-10 14:23:38
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON —Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen grew up surrounded by hardships endured during the Great Depression. Her father’s medical practice was located inside the family home, so she not only heard stories from the patients but also saw firsthand the result... Read More

Report Shows Women Ran, Won, and Donated in Record Numbers in 2020
2020-12-22 18:14:57
by Sara Wilkerson

A joint report from the Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute on Money in Politics, non-profit organizations dedicated to researching and tracking election finance, reveals that women participated in record numbers during the 2020 election cycle.  There are... Read More

Package Includes New Museums Focused on Women and Latinos

WASHINGTON — The Smithsonian Institution can start the process of building two new museums in Washington honoring the history of women and American Latinos after Congress clears a massive year-end omnibus bill. Separate bills authorizing both museums passed the House... Read More

IAVA Celebrates Senate Passage of Landmark Women Veterans Legislation
2020-12-10 18:49:16
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America on Thursday cheered Senate passage of the Deborah Sampson Act, which directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to carry out the three-year pilot program to assess how best to provide assistance... Read More

Senate Committee on Aging Reports on Financial Challenges Women Face
2020-08-20 15:35:05
by Gracie Kreth

WASHINGTON - United States Senators Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Bob Casey, D-Penn., the chairman and ranking member, respectively, of the Special Committee on Aging, released a report last week examining the challenges older women face preparing financially for retirement.  During... Read More

Report to Address Need for the Draft and Women’s Exclusion
2020-03-12 17:24:14
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The United States stopped drafting young men into the military in 1973, but the issue of the draft, and whether women as well as men should be subject to it, is very much alive. On March 25, the... Read More

In The News
Women Hong Kong Protesters Upend Gender Roles in Democracy Fight

HONG KONG — During Hong Kong’s Occupy protests in 2014, Aria listened to Lady Gaga, put on makeup and wore cute outfits, embracing the ubiquitous “Goddess of Democracy” moniker at a time when online polls asked whether the city’s few... Read More

IAVA CEO Butler Takes Up the Fight for a New Generation of Veterans
2019-12-03 19:51:51
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - In many ways, Jeremy Butler is the perfect interview subject. It doesn't take much to encourage him to talk about topics he's passionate about. And as the newly appointed CEO of Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Butler... Read More

House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Launches Bipartisan Women Veterans Task Force
2019-05-03 20:19:07
by Dan McCue

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Thursday launched a new bipartisan Women Veterans Task Force to promote inclusivity and equitable access to resources, benefits, and healthcare to the more than two million women veterans living in the United States. The... Read More

New Poll Highlights Key Role Women of Color Played in 2018 Election
2019-04-04 15:12:50
by Dan McCue

Black, Latina, Asian-American and Pacific Islander women voted in historic numbers in 2018, inspired by issues they felt made it impossible for them to sit on the sidelines, a new poll says. The data was collected by Intersections of Our... Read More

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