New Book Offers Unique Look at Our Presidents and the Wines They Drank
White House
New Book Offers Unique Look at Our Presidents and the Wines They Drank
2020-11-30 14:14:10
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - There has probably never been a comprehensive tome on the American presidency quite like this one. Entitled "Wine and the White House: A History" and coming in at 456 pages, this new, elegant offering from the White House... Read More

Opinion Polls
New Survey Suggests Americans are Sleeping Less and Drinking More
2020-11-03 18:59:21
by Sara Wilkerson

A new survey conducted by ValuePenguin, a data-based personal finance research company, shows that more than a quarter of Americans are getting less sleep and that 1 in 5 are drinking more alcohol as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More

State News
McMaster Latest Governor to Allow 'To-Go' Liquor Sales
2020-03-23 17:10:26
by Dan McCue

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster on Saturday directed the state's Department of Revenue to waive regulations and allow restaurants to include sealed containers of beer and wine for curbside pickup or to-go orders. The move came just days after McMaster... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Scottish Whiskey, French Wine and Italian Cheeses Targeted For Tariffs
2019-10-04 15:27:04
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Scottish whisky, French wine and Italian cheese all could feel the wallop of hefty tariffs now that the World Trade Organization decided it will allow the United States to place tariffs on $7.5 billion of European Union goods.... Read More

Treasury Department Aims to Make it Easier to Buy Single-Serve Wine
2019-07-01 20:49:01
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The Treasury Department, responding to an explosion in the sale of wine in cans and single-serve bottles, is seeking public comment of eliminating all but the minimum "stand of fill" for wine containers. In a Federal Register notice... Read More

Straight From The Well
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