Youth Voter Engagement Could Change Landscape of the Nation
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Youth Voter Engagement Could Change Landscape of the Nation
2020-12-17 15:14:46
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — The 2020 national election saw a dramatic increase in turnout for the entire electorate. What surprised many is that a higher-than-ever percentage of that increase came from young people.  Young people turned out to vote in near-record numbers,... Read More

Political News
BPC Examines What 2020 Election Communicated About Health Care
2020-11-19 15:05:32
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Political players have long had different ideas about national health care, but coronavirus not only shifted policymakers’ priorities, it has also thrown the future of health care reform into question.  The Bipartisan Policy Center convened leading pollsters and... Read More

Opinion Polls
Battleground States Voters Age 50 and Over Still Closely Divided on Election
2020-09-10 21:19:52
by Reece Nations

Two sets of public opinion surveys commissioned by AARP across 11 key battleground states found a majority of likely voters aged 50 and older plan to cast their ballots either absentee or during the early voting period this election cycle.... Read More

Opinion Polls
Voters Trust Biden More on Health Care, Future of ACA, Poll Finds
2020-09-03 20:32:36
by Dan McCue

Voters who plan to participate in the 2020 election say they trust Democrat Joe Biden more than incumbent Republican President Donald Trump to protect their health care options and to deal with the persistent coronavirus pandemic. The new survey, released... Read More

2020 Elections
Changing Electorate Could Affect New Hampshire's Primary

New Hampshire has been holding the first-in-the-nation presidential primary for 100 years, but a significant number of Tuesday's ballots could be cast by newcomers to that storied tradition. New Hampshire has one of the nation's lowest percentages of native-born residents, with only... Read More

State News
New Study Finds 8-in-10 Californians Are Registered to Vote
2019-08-29 21:20:04
by Dan McCue

Voter registration is up in California, with 8-in-10 eligible adults registered. However, likely voters in the state still tend to be older, well-educated and disproportionately white, according to a study by the Public Policy Institute of California. The Institute, a... Read More

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