Biden Co-Hosts 2nd Global COVID Summit as US Nears 1M Deaths
Biden Co-Hosts 2nd Global COVID Summit as US Nears 1M Deaths

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden will appeal for a renewed international commitment to attacking COVID-19 as he convenes a second virtual summit on the pandemic and marks “a tragic milestone" as the U.S. approaches 1 million deaths. “As a nation, we... Read More

Coaches Sue Washington Nationals After Defying Vaccination Mandate
2022-01-03 18:56:36
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — Two coaches from the Washington Nationals baseball team are adding to the lawsuits spun off from mandates by the federal government and private employers requiring employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The federal mandate announced by President Joe... Read More

Fauci Promotes COVID Booster Shots at Press Club Event
2021-12-22 19:33:46
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Dr. Anthony Fauci visited the National Press Club on Tuesday using its final virtual newsmaker event of the year to urge Americans to get a booster shot ahead of the holidays. “Our booster vaccine regimens work,” said Fauci,... Read More

Moderna: Initial Booster Data Shows Good Results on Omicron

Moderna said Monday that a booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine should offer protection against the rapidly spreading omicron variant. Moderna said lab tests showed the half-dose booster shot increased by 37 times the level of so-called neutralizing antibodies able... Read More

CDC Panel Concerned Over Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Risk
2021-12-16 21:44:24
by Dan McCue

ATLANTA — People getting vaccinated against COVID-19 should be offered Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots rather than those containing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to an increased risk of blood clots in young and middle-aged women, a Centers for Disease... Read More

White House Details Plans to Vaccinate 28M Children Age 5-11

WASHINGTON (AP) — Children age 5 to 11 will soon be able to get a COVID-19 shot at their pediatrician's office, local pharmacy and potentially even their school, the White House said Wednesday as it detailed plans for the expected... Read More

Social Media
YouTube Expands Effort to Fight Misinformation in Vaccine Videos
2021-09-29 21:35:29
by Dan McCue

YouTube revamped its medical misinformation policies on Wednesday, advancing a new set of guidelines on vaccines that have already been approved and confirmed safe and effective by health authorities, including the World Health Organization. In a blog post on its... Read More

Employers Grapple with Religious Exemptions Claims for Vaccine Mandates
2021-09-22 13:55:39
by Alexa Hornbeck

The Biden administration announced vaccine mandates that will affect employers with over 100 employees, and now religious exemption requests are pouring in from those who claim that a sincerely held belief keeps them from receiving a vaccine.  “The minute after... Read More

CDC Interim Estimates Find Moderna Vaccines Most Effective Against Delta Breakthroughs
2021-09-15 19:47:11
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON — Data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on COVID-19's delta variant found that vaccine efficacy was higher among recipients of the Moderna vaccination at 95%, higher than both the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Johnson & Johnson... Read More

Study Shows COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Women
2021-08-25 14:28:18
by Alexa Hornbeck

A recent study from researchers at the University of Washington shows that COVID-19 vaccines are well-tolerated among individuals who are pregnant, lactating, or planning pregnancy. “I think pregnant individuals are hardwired to try to protect their baby, and when there... Read More

HHS to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for 25,000 Health Care Workers
2021-08-12 15:45:34
by Dan McCue

The Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday announced that it will require more than 25,000 members of its health care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The new mandate applies to staff at the Indian Health Service and... Read More

What FDA Approval Might Mean for Vaccine Mandates
2021-08-11 20:27:32
by Alexa Hornbeck

As the Delta variant continues to spread, COVID cases surge among the unvaccinated, and rates of new vaccinations decline, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is receiving pressure from President Joe Biden to approve a COVID vaccine. Biden recently said... Read More

California, NYC to Workers: Get Vaccine or Face Weekly Tests

California and New York City announced Monday that they would require all government employees to get the coronavirus vaccine or face weekly COVID-19 testing, and the Department of Veterans Affairs became the first major federal agency to require health care... Read More

Plan to Slow Spread of COVID Variant Revealed by White House
2021-07-06 20:25:55
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The White House on Tuesday rolled out a new plan to get more people vaccinated against COVID-19 as the delta variant spreads among those who continue to go unvaccinated. President Joe Biden had hoped that at least 70%... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Indian American Groups Press White House on Vaccines for India
2021-05-26 23:27:42
by TWN Staff

The United States' leading Indian American civic and political organization, IMPACT, has launched what it describes as a seven figure campaign to compel the Biden administration to rush COVID-19 vaccines to India and help the country build its own vaccine... Read More

Biden Boosting World Vaccine Sharing Commitment to 80M Doses

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Monday that the U.S. will share an additional 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines with the world in the coming six weeks as domestic demand for shots drops and global disparities in distribution... Read More

US Backs Waiving Intellectual Property Rules on Vaccines
2021-05-05 21:18:01
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The Biden administration announced Wednesday that it will support efforts to waive intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines in an effort to speed the end of the pandemic. United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced the government’s position... Read More

Half of US Adults Have Received at Least One COVID-19 Shot

WASHINGTON (AP) — Half of all adults in the U.S. have received at least one COVID-19 shot, the government announced Sunday, marking another milestone in the nation's largest-ever vaccination campaign but leaving more work to do to convince skeptical Americans... Read More

Political News
Biden Unveils $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Plan
2021-01-15 15:04:12
by Dan McCue

WILMINGTON, Del. - President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night unveiled a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan intended to aid struggling Americans and businesses, bolster state and local governments, and dramatically ramp up the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine with a... Read More

Newsom Partners with CVS and Walgreens to Provide Pfizer Vaccines to Long-Term Care Facilities
2021-01-04 14:41:07
by Sean Trambley

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – This week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the country’s largest and most populous state has opted in to the federal COVID-19 Pharmacy Partnership, providing no-cost Pfizer vaccines to residents and staff in long-term care facilities. At... Read More

US Discord Deepens Over Vaccines, Immunity as Coronavirus Rebounds

Public skepticism about coronavirus vaccines and enthusiasm on the right for so-called herd immunity are colliding as the U.S. outbreak is worsening, developments that could dash hopes for containing COVID-19 in the months ahead. Herd immunity aims instead to expose more people... Read More

Opinion Polls
Most Americans Want Health Care Workers, Seniors Prioritized When Coronavirus Vaccine Comes
2020-08-26 15:10:33
by Reece Nations

A new Harris poll found 69% of its respondents would support a priority system – particularly for workers in the health care sector and seniors – for COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the United States. By comparison, 31% of respondents indicated... Read More

U.S. Senate
Senators Express Hope and Doubts About New Coronavirus Technology
2020-05-08 13:43:09
by Gaspard Le Dem

WASHINGTON - Top federal lawmakers argued for multi-billion dollar investments in new technology to test for coronavirus and develop vaccines against it during a Senate hearing Thursday. They also agreed with government health administrators they face an uncertain outcome for... Read More

Trump Touts Unproven Coronavirus Remedies

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump, facing a national outcry over the lack of available coronavirus testing and an imminent spike in positive cases, tried to inject some optimism into the situation Thursday, suggesting that two existing drugs may be effective... Read More

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