Experts Discuss How Education Politics Can Impact Student Wellness
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Experts Discuss How Education Politics Can Impact Student Wellness
2021-12-22 19:32:02
by Alexa Hornbeck

WASHINGTON — The Brookings Institution recently held an event with experts discussing the growing hostility of education politics due to COVID-19 induced school closures, mask and vaccine mandates and how to protect the wellness of students in the new year. ... Read More

Think Tank Finds Consumer Confidence Improved Again in December
2021-12-22 17:02:05
by Dan McCue

NEW YORK — Despite concerns over well-publicized supply chain bottlenecks and a surging omicron variant of the coronavirus, consumer confidence grew in December, The Conference Board reported Wednesday. The not-for-profit, non-advocacy think tank said its proprietary Consumer Confidence Index now... Read More

Think Tanks
Third Way Finds Build Back Better Provisions Would Lower Families’ Costs by Thousands
2021-12-02 22:36:20
by Reece Nations

SAN ANTONIO — Third Way, a D.C.- based think tank, released an analysis of the Build Back Better Act on Wednesday that predicts a two-parent family of four would get a tax cut and have lower costs of up to... Read More

Carnegie Endowment Urges Biden To Reverse Trump's Israel-Palestine Policies
2021-04-22 20:06:22
by Daniel Mollenkamp

WASHINGTON - The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think tank based in Washington, D.C., says the U.S. should discard the Trump-era Israel-Palestine policies as a first step to break the status quo. The new report argues that the U.S.... Read More

Mental Health
Material Hardship Can Cause Adverse Health Outcomes in Young Adults
2021-04-15 19:19:01
by Alexa Hornbeck

An Urban Institute survey covering the first year of the coronavirus pandemic found that despite a steep drop in employment, the share of young adults reporting food insecurity or problems paying utility and medical bills actually declined compared to previous... Read More

Researchers Highlight the Need to Build Data to Tackle Marine Debris
2021-02-16 15:42:03
by Daniel Mollenkamp

WASHINGTON - The Wilson Center, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, on Wednesday morning hosted an event explaining the complexities of measuring the presence of marine debris in the environment, focusing on the need to collect more data.  Measuring the problem... Read More

Think Tanks
Bipartisan Policy Report Suggests Recommendations on Urgent Health Issues
2021-02-01 16:27:53
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — While the nation continues to grapple with challenges from the pandemic, a bipartisan group of former policymakers and analysts have come together at the Bipartisan Policy Center, a D.C.-based think tank, to suggest urgent federal actions to accelerate... Read More

Hacking Spree by Suspected Russians Included US Think Tank

The suspected Russian hackers behind a global campaign of cyberattacks that have breached U.S. government agencies also hit an American think tank, according to a cybersecurity firm that has been fighting them off. For the better part of a year,... Read More

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