Biden, Xi Agree US and China Should ‘Manage’ Conflict, Compete ‘Responsibly’
Biden, Xi Agree US and China Should ‘Manage’ Conflict, Compete ‘Responsibly’
2022-11-14 16:21:53
by Dan McCue

BALI, Indonesia — President Biden’s much anticipated bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China took place Monday morning in Bali, Indonesia. The first face-to-face meeting of the leaders as heads of state of their respective... Read More

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Congress Seeks More Taiwanese Trade to Help Withstand Chinese Intimidation
2022-09-14 21:21:17
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — China’s military intimidation of Taiwan continued this week as Congress tried to figure out how to boost trade ties to help the island nation withstand the scare tactics. “It is a beacon of democracy in Asia,” Rep. Richard... Read More

China Announces New Drills as US Delegation Visits Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — China announced more military drills around Taiwan as the self-governing island’s president met with members of a new U.S. congressional delegation on Monday, threatening to renew tensions between Beijing and Washington after a similar recent visit... Read More

China Hits Back With Sanctions After Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan
2022-08-05 21:10:37
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — China’s saber-rattling and pushback continued Friday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., visited Taiwan while the Biden administration pledged not to back down in support of the island nation. China announced it is canceling or suspending cooperation with... Read More

US House Speaker Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan, Defying Beijing

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan late Tuesday, becoming the highest-ranking American official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island claimed by China, which quickly announced that it would conduct military maneuvers in... Read More

Pelosi Meets Singapore Leaders at Start of Asia Tour

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held talks with officials in Singapore on Monday at the start of her Asian tour, as questions swirled over a possible stop in Taiwan that has fueled tension with Beijing. Pelosi... Read More

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Kakto Presses Administration to Take Cybersecurity More Seriously
2021-06-11 19:02:40
by Victoria Turner

Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y. recently went into a couple of Lincoln car dealerships in Syracuse, New York, but “neither one of them had any cars.”  “And they’re not going to have any cars for several weeks because of the chip... Read More

China Irked By US Push for Taiwan Presence at World Health Assembly
2021-05-14 18:28:03
by Daniel Mollenkamp

Over the last two weeks, China and the U.S. have made dueling comments about whether Taiwan should be admitted to this year's World Health Assembly, the meeting where priorities and policies of the World Health Organization are set, which will... Read More

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