US Inflation Soared 7% in Past Year, the Most Since 1982
US Inflation Soared 7% in Past Year, the Most Since 1982

WASHINGTON (AP) — Inflation jumped in December at its fastest year-over-year pace in nearly four decades, surging 7% and raising costs for consumers, offsetting recent wage gains and heightening pressure on President Joe Biden and the Federal Reserve to address... Read More

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Christmas Tree Buyers Face Reduced Supplies, Higher Prices

ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) — Even Christmas trees aren’t immune to the pandemic-induced shortages and inflation plaguing the economy. Extreme weather and supply chain disruptions have reduced supplies of both real and artificial trees this season. American shoppers should expect to... Read More

Charitable Giving
Supply Chain Problems Hit Charities' Holiday Gifts for Kids

With less than four weeks to go until Christmas, Kristyn Begari has been rushing to find enough doll styling heads to give to kids in need. But, the purchasing coordinator for the California-based nonprofit Family Giving Tree says it's been... Read More

Congress Tries to Intervene In Supply Chain Disruptions
2021-10-20 21:25:22
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- While economists warned about disruptions to the U.S. supply chain, Chuck Fowke told a congressional panel Wednesday about countertops. “If you can’t get the cabinets, you can’t put the countertops on,” Fowke said as he testified on behalf... Read More

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