FCC Shortens Length of Time Satellites Allowed to Remain in Orbit
FCC Shortens Length of Time Satellites Allowed to Remain in Orbit
2022-09-30 15:18:15
by Madeline Hughes

WASHINGTON — Low-earth satellites must be deorbited after five years, the Federal Communications Commission decided Thursday at its monthly meeting. This rule change severely shortens the amount of time satellite operators have to remove their instruments from the skies. They... Read More

FCC Investigates Commercial Activities in Space
2022-08-09 17:12:24
by Madeline Hughes

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission is looking into the possibilities of assembling and manufacturing in space through a new notice of inquiry adopted in a unanimous vote at its August meeting. Looking into this category, called In-Space, Assembly, and... Read More

World Economic Forum Warns Cyber Risks Add to Climate Threat

LONDON (AP) — Cybersecurity and space are emerging risks to the global economy, adding to existing challenges posed by climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, the World Economic Forum said in a report Tuesday. The Global Risks Report is usually released ahead of the annual... Read More

NASA Officials Argue for Continuing International Space Station Operations
2021-09-21 19:53:53
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- Space technologists made a plea to Congress Tuesday to continue authorization for the International Space Station even as private companies play a bigger role in the exploration formerly done only by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The... Read More

Think Tanks
Threats of Cyberattack Loom as Space Assets Not ‘Critical Infrastructure’
2021-07-19 21:00:12
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Despite our reliance on space technology for things like communication, transportation, food, and health care — not to mention national security — our national space assets aren’t officially designated as critical infrastructure. Humanity is already dependent on space,... Read More

NASA's Mars Helicopter Takes Flight, 1st for Another Planet

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA's experimental helicopter Ingenuity rose into the thin air above the dusty red surface of Mars on Monday, achieving the first powered flight by an aircraft on another planet. The triumph was hailed as a... Read More

Biden Picks Bill Nelson to Lead NASA
2021-03-19 20:25:51
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden on Friday nominated former Sen. Bill Nelson to be the next NASA administrator. The Florida Democrat served three terms in the Senate before losing his reelection bid to Republican Rick Scott in 2018. In 1986,... Read More

House Watch
AZ-06: David Schweikert (R)
2020-10-30 19:47:02
by TWN Staff

About Schweikert: David Schweikert is serving his fifth term in the United States Congress.  He holds a seat on the Ways and Means Committee, having previously served on the Financial Services Committee.  He also sits on the bicameral Joint Economic... Read More

In The News
New Mexico Governor Declares Space Her State's Next Frontier
2020-01-13 16:57:20
by Dan McCue

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham last week declared the burgeoning space industry is one of her nine economic growth sectors for the state. “New Mexico is truly breaking barriers in the space industry,” the governor said as she opened... Read More

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