School Voucher Push Taps Frustration Over Distance Learning
School Voucher Push Taps Frustration Over Distance Learning

ATLANTA (AP) — With her children struggling in many classes last spring, Kelli Rivera became so frustrated with how her suburban Atlanta district was handling the coronavirus pandemic that she withdrew them to home-school them. They're back in public school... Read More

Federal Judge Blocks DoEd Rule Favoring More CARES Act Funding for Private Schools
2020-08-24 21:16:58
by Sara Wilkerson

SEATTLE - A federal judge ruled last week in favor of Seattle Attorney General Bob Ferguson's request to block a Department of Education rule that required school districts to either share a larger percentage of federal funding with private schools... Read More

Five States Sue Education Dept. Over CARES Act School Funding
2020-07-13 13:27:31
by Tom Ramstack

Five states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit this week that accuses the U.S. Education Department of shorting schools in low-income areas on their fair share of coronavirus relief funds. Instead, too much of the money is going... Read More

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