Democrats Sell Infrastructure Bill, Push for Biden Backup
Democrats Sell Infrastructure Bill, Push for Biden Backup

STILWELL, Kan. (AP) — Traffic whizzing behind her, Rep. Sharice Davids gathered reporters at a transportation facility along U.S. 69 in eastern Kansas this week to celebrate the surge of federal money headed in her state's direction. The massive infrastructure package... Read More

Political News
As Voters Across US Weigh New Rights, Maine Says Yes to Food

The right to food won rave reviews Tuesday from Maine voters, who passed the nation's first guarantee for people to grow, harvest and eat according to their own wishes. The Maine ballot measure was one of several in states seeking... Read More

Matt Haller Wants to Change How You Think About Franchises
2021-10-08 21:07:58
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - When you think about it, they’re everywhere; part of the bedrock of every community in America. They are your local McDonald’s, of course. And the KFC. But they’re also the Ace Hardware Store and the Sport Clips haircutter.... Read More

Political News
Galesburg, an American Crossroad, Tunes Out Feuding Congress

GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) — Pickup trucks and cars rumble north across East Main Street's railroad tracks into Galesburg, Illinois, past the red-brick Lindstrom's appliances building that has occupied the same corner for more than 100 years. An edifice from more... Read More

In The States
'I'm Still Exhaling': Swing-state Voters on Biden's 100 Days

ELM GROVE, Wis. (AP) — Standing on the sidelines of her son's soccer practice in this upscale suburb, Laura Hahn looked skyward for answers when asked how she would rate President Joe Biden's first 100 days in office.  Overall, Biden... Read More

Report: Companies Face a New Era of Scrutiny on Political Activity
2021-03-29 13:17:36
by TWN Staff

Companies are facing ever-greater scrutiny of their political activities, with some of America's biggest businesses still grappling with a response to January’s Capitol riot. As companies reevaluate their role in the political sphere, a new report by The Conference Board... Read More

Deep Local Roots Endure Even In Nationalized Partisan Political Era
2021-03-05 22:30:46
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON – A new study suggests the deeper a member of Congress’s local roots in their congressional district, the less likely they are to attract a primary challenger, and if they do, the more likely they are to win by... Read More

House Watch
WA-03: Carolyn Long (D)
2020-10-31 01:05:34
by TWN Staff

About Long:  Carolyn Long grew up working at her family’s small business, John’s Fresh Produce.  After graduating, Long decided to pursue higher education. To help pay for college, she started working at Safeway, first as a courtesy clerk and then... Read More

Fed Up With the Election? Science Explains How Politics Got So Awful

One year ago, a report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security assessed the readiness of 195 countries around the world to confront a deadly disease outbreak. Topping the list of most-prepared nations was the United States of America. But that forecast... Read More

Mental Health
Cognitive Testing, Politics, and the Very Real Issue of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
2020-07-30 17:57:00
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - For weeks it had been the stuff of living room banter and fodder for self-quarantining late night comedians. Suddenly, apparently on a whim, the president who once described himself as a "very stable genius," was talking about how... Read More

Think Tanks
Crucial Suburbs Not Defined by 'Ozzie and Harriet' Anymore
2020-04-09 21:01:52
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - While Republicans and Democrats alike concede the road to the White House is paved through America's suburbs, what's less clear is how much they truly understand this rapidly changing portion of the electorate. For decades, the suburbs were... Read More

How Fake Audio, Such as Deepfakes, Could Plague Business, Politics

WASHINGTON — Fake voices generated by artificial intelligence tools may be the next frontier in scams that could trick companies into forking over cash or fool voters into believing a politician said something he or she didn’t. Computer-synthesized voices are... Read More

House Democrats Are Making McConnell — Not Trump — Their Boogeyman

WASHINGTON — While Democrats in Washington are attacking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s management of the impeachment trial, it’s his role in blocking House-passed legislation that is getting the most campaign airtime so far this year. The latest example, and... Read More

State News
Texas May Be Trending Purple, But Political Scientists Hedge on Whether It's Lasting
2019-11-26 14:03:33
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - "The thing about Texas is that people looking at it from the outside tend to have skewed view of what goes on here," Joshua Blank said the other day. We had turned to Blank, manager of polling and... Read More

State News
Decline of Local Journalism is Likely Increasing Voter Polarization

WASHINGTON — In May 2017, former Republican Rep. Leonard Lance crossed party lines and voted against the GOP health care repeal, a proposal deeply unpopular with voters in New Jersey’s 7th District, which he had represented in Washington for nearly... Read More

State News
Trudeau Rejects Formal Coalition and Vows to Govern Case-by-Case

OTTAWA — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who lost his parliamentary majority in Canada’s election this week, will forgo any formal governing agreement with another party and instead move ahead with legislation on a case-by-case basis. “It is not in... Read More

In The News
David Koch, Billionaire Donor to Conservative Causes and Cancer Research, Dies
2019-08-23 17:10:52
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Billionaire industrialist David H. Koch, who with his older brother, Charles, transformed American politics by pouring their riches into conservative causes, has died at age 79. Charles Koch announced the death in a statement, which gave no cause... Read More

Campaign Finance
George Washington to Citizens United: A History of Campaign Finance Reform
2019-05-21 12:48:25
by Dan McCue

From the very beginning of the Republic, campaign finance has been a hard subject to discuss in polite company. In a capitalist society, things, including access to whatever serves as the public megaphone of the era, simply cost money. And... Read More

Campaign Finance
Political Turmoil in North Carolina Continues to Roil State Republican Party
2019-04-23 21:23:14
by Sean Trambley

Seven years ago, Republicans took over nearly every lever of power in North Carolina in a political takeover that seemed destined to transform the state into a conservative stronghold. North Carolina, once considered a moderate state, was now in Republican... Read More

Replacing The Electoral College Won't Be Easy And Will Require Lots of Soul-Searching
2019-03-22 21:40:22
by Dan McCue

This week Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., made the biggest splash of her nascent presidential campaign by suggesting during a CNN town hall in Mississippi that the Electoral College should be retired and replaced by a popular-vote system that would ensure... Read More

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