2021 California Oil Spill Becomes Call to Action for Environmentalists
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2021 California Oil Spill Becomes Call to Action for Environmentalists
2021-10-18 20:36:37
by Tom Ramstack

Scott Breneman told a congressional subcommittee Monday about how his fishing business was upended by the Orange County oil spill discovered off California’s coast on October 1. After a day of fishing 90 miles off the coast, “We were coming... Read More

California's 'Surf City USA' Beach Reopens After Oil Spill

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California beach that was closed more than a week ago because of a leak of crude oil from an undersea pipeline reopened on Monday, far sooner than many expected, Huntington Beach's city and... Read More

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California Oil Spill Renews Calls to Ban Offshore Drilling

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California has been a leader in restricting offshore oil drilling since the infamous 1969 Santa Barbara spill that sparked the modern environmental movement, and the latest spill off Huntington Beach is prompting fresh calls for an... Read More

Justices Rule Firm Chartering Vessel For Transport of Oil Obligated to Provide Safe Berth
2020-03-30 20:28:08
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - In a case with implications to both maritime transportation and international trade, the Supreme Court ruled a firm that contracted for a delivery of oil was obligated to provide “safe berth” for the vessel carrying it. The underlying... Read More

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