Reinvigorating Diplomacy with North Korea May Mean Compromise
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Reinvigorating Diplomacy with North Korea May Mean Compromise
2021-04-02 19:44:43
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump started a diplomatic dialogue with North Korea, but he framed it as a personal connection with dictator Kim Jong Un. This method showed some early promise for a bilateral relationship but broke down at... Read More

National Cyber Director Proposed to Coordinate Computer Security
2020-07-16 13:37:41
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON - Democrats and Republicans agreed Wednesday during a congressional hearing that the U.S. government needs a more proactive strategy for protecting against cyberattacks but disagreed how to accomplish it. Democrats want a new agency to address cyberthreats while Republicans... Read More

Trump Urged to Increase Pressure on North Korea to Denuclearize
2020-02-27 15:18:12
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- Foreign policy experts told a Senate subcommittee Tuesday that North Korea has returned to its hardline militarization and human rights abuses despite earlier pledges to President Donald Trump of more moderate politics. The Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee held... Read More

US Bans Government Funding of Cultural Exchanges with Cuba, Other Nations

The White House has banned government agencies from funding educational and cultural exchanges with Cuban, Syrian, Russian and North Korean government entities and officials as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to halt people trafficking in those countries, according to... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Pompeo Offers Sweeping View of US Foreign Policy at Economic Club Forum
2019-07-30 14:53:47
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that President Donald Trump has ordered him to reduce the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan by the 2020 election and begin the closing chapter of the nearly two-decade-old conflict. "That's... Read More

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