Colorado, Nebraska Jostle Over Water Rights Amid Drought
Colorado, Nebraska Jostle Over Water Rights Amid Drought

OVID, Colo. (AP) — Shortly after daybreak on the high plains of northeastern Colorado, Don Schneider tinkers with seed-dispensing gear on a mammoth corn planter. The day’s task: Carefully sowing hundreds of acres of seed between long rows of last... Read More

2022 Elections
Trump's Clout Factors into US House Races in W.Va., Nebraska

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Roads, bridges and former President Donald Trump will be on West Virginia and Nebraska voters’ minds as they choose congressional candidates in Tuesday's Republican primary elections. Two incumbent GOP congressmen who have taken dramatically different approaches to... Read More

In The States
Nebraska's Tight Governor's Race Shaken by Sexual Assault Allegations
2022-05-05 17:04:42
by Brock Blasdell

LINCOLN, Neb. — Charles Herbster, Jim Pillen and Brett Lindstrom are polling neck-and-neck in the crowded field of Republican candidates as they head into their final week of campaigning before Nebraska's highly anticipated May 10 primary for governor. Each represents... Read More

Nebraska US Rep. Fortenberry Found Guilty in Campaign Probe

LOS ANGELES (AP) — U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska was convicted on charges that he lied to federal authorities about an illegal $30,000 contribution to his campaign from a foreign billionaire at a 2016 Los Angeles fundraiser. A federal... Read More

2022 Elections
Nebraska Primary Ballot Appears Set With Close of Filing Deadline
2022-03-03 17:04:25
by Dan McCue

LINCOLN, Neb. — Barring last minute adjustments by the Nebraska secretary of state, it appears the ballot is set for the state’s May 10 primary election. The deadline for filing to run in the primary passed on Tuesday. But Secretary... Read More

In The States
Nebraska Lawmakers Agree to Rules for Fall Redistricting
2021-06-04 19:45:56
by TWN Staff

Lawmakers in Nebraska have agreed to the framework they’ll follow for redrawing political districts lines in the fall. Despite Nebraska's unique one-house legislature being officially nonpartisan, the 30-16 vote in favor of the redistricting rules came down largely along party... Read More

Lincoln, Nebraska: Sustainable Pioneer on the Prairie
2021-03-16 21:34:06
by Dan McCue

For many people, the image of climate change is a coastal event. It’s the more frequent and larger hurricanes being followed by The Weather Channel. And whole tropical nations disappearing into the sea. But what of the plains, the vast... Read More

House Watch
NE-02: Kara Eastman (D)
2020-10-30 23:10:34
by TWN Staff

About Eastman : Kara Eastman has more than 20 years of experience leading non-profit organizations. She is currently president of Kara Eastman Partners, a small business that provides consulting services in the non-profit sector.  An MSW in Social Work, she... Read More

House Watch
NE-02: Don Bacon (R)
2020-10-30 23:09:17
by TWN Staff

About Bacon: Don Bacon was raised on a farm in the Midwest. He worked his way through college and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Political Science degree in 1984. He married his college girlfriend, Angie, in the same... Read More

2020 Elections
Nebraska Will Open Voting Sites for Primary Despite Concerns

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska is forging ahead with plans to hold the nation's first in-person election in more than a month, despite health concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and allegations that political motivations are fueling opposition to an all-mail... Read More

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