MN-07: Michelle Fischbach (R)
House Watch
MN-07: Michelle Fischbach (R)
2020-10-30 23:50:50
by TWN Staff

About Fischbach : Michelle Fischbach recently served as the 49th lieutenant governor of Minnesota, ascending to that position following the resignation of her predecessor. She was the first woman in Minnesota history to serve as president of the Minnesota Senate... Read More

2020 Elections
Minnesota, the Battleground State That Became Ground Zero for Civil Unrest
2020-10-10 14:34:12
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - If there's one sweeping generalization one can safely make about the people of Minnesota, it is that the vast majority of them love to participate in electoral politics. Since 2000, no fewer than 70% of registered voters have... Read More

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