Coral Reefs Provide Stunning Images of a World Under Assault
Coral Reefs Provide Stunning Images of a World Under Assault

MIAMI (AP) — Humans don't know what they're missing under the surface of a busy shipping channel in the “cruise capital of the world.” Just below the keels of massive ships, an underwater camera provides a live feed from another... Read More

Mayors Taking Pay in Cryptocurrency Embrace CityCoins Fundraising
2022-01-26 00:10:19
by Reece Nations

SAN ANTONIO — Mayors Eric Adams of New York City and Francis Suarez of Miami, Florida, who have publicly championed the benefits of cryptocurrency, now have turned to the digital tender as a means of public fundraising. CityCoins are a... Read More

House Watch
FL-27: Maria Elvira Salazar (R)
2020-11-01 05:04:03
by TWN Staff

About Salazar: Maria Elvira Salazar was born in Miami’s Little Havana to Cuban parents. While being raised in Miami and Puerto Rico, Salazar listened as her parents told stories of the oppressive communist regime from which they escaped. Becoming American... Read More

2020 Elections
Second Presidential Debate On Ice As Candidates Opt for Separate Events
2020-10-08 20:52:32
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - It appears the final two scheduled presidential debates of the 2020 election cycle are not going to happen. After a morning of fast-moving events, ABC News has announced that Democratic nominee Joe Biden will take part in a... Read More

Democratic National Committee Unveils Lineup for First Campaign 2020 Debate
2019-06-14 14:54:12
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The Democratic National Committee Thursday evening announced the 20 presidential candidates who will take part in the party's first debate later this month. The debate will take place over two days -- June 26 and June 27 --... Read More

Miami to Host First Democratic Presidential Primary Debate
2019-03-28 18:10:31
by Dan McCue

The Democratic National Committee announced Thursday that Miami, Florida with be the host city for the first Democratic presidential primary debate. The debate, which is being broadcast by NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo on back-to-back nights, is being held on June... Read More

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