OK-05: Kendra Horn (D)
House Watch
OK-05: Kendra Horn (D)
2020-10-31 00:05:41
by TWN Staff

About Horn: A 5th generation Oklahoman, Horn’s parents taught her the importance of investing in people and serving her community, values that continue to guide her today. She believes that more people need to get involved in community leadership, including... Read More

Blue Dogs Host Roundtable Discussion on Rural Education and Workforce Development
2020-10-09 14:40:59
by Sara Wilkerson

WASHINGTON - This week the Blue Dog Coalition hosted a roundtable discussion with experts in the K-12, higher and tribal education fields on rural education and workforce development. Blue Dog member Rep. Kendra Horn, D-Okla., moderated the roundtable discussion on... Read More

Political News
Chamber of Commerce Bucks Tradition, Announces Host of Democrat Endorsements
2020-08-31 15:44:29
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been a top lobbying group for decades, with the lion’s share of the organization’s support going to conservative candidates. However, in a surprising change from convention, the chamber is now prepared to... Read More

Horn Says It's Time to Get Back to Work, Focus on Targeted, Bipartisan Aid Package
2020-05-18 16:29:52
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - If there's a simple way to sum up the message Rep. Kendra Horn delivered to her colleagues and constituents during the marathon session of the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, it was that enough is enough. In... Read More

Prescription Drugs
Horn Seeking to Address Prescription Drug Prices in ‘Smart and Effective’ Ways
2019-12-12 15:32:48
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Rep. Kendra Horn believes it should come as no surprise to anyone that reining in runaway prescription drug prices has been a top priority of members of the 116th Congress. "After all, they are something that impacts just... Read More

Blue Dogs Assail McConnell On Election Security, Warning 'Time Is Running Out'
2019-09-13 17:44:58
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - A group of centrist House Democrats best known for espousing bipartisanship to get things done on Capitol Hill, sharply criticized Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Thursday for his continued refusal to allow election security bills to get a... Read More

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