Agonizing Choices as Dems Debate Shrinking Health Care Pie
Agonizing Choices as Dems Debate Shrinking Health Care Pie

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats are debating how to divide up what could be a smaller serving of health care spending in President Joe Biden's domestic policy bill, pitting the needs of older adults who can't afford their dentures against the... Read More

Clyburn Predicts August Return to Vote on Reform Legislation
2021-07-29 14:39:45
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON -- Reciting Thomas Paine’s The American Crisis from memory, Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., philosophized about fair weather patriots in America today during a discussion with Axios. Claiming that some people only “love the country when everything is going... Read More

Clyburn Leading Effort to Create Revolutionary War Corridor in Carolinas
2021-07-06 18:05:43
by Dan McCue

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., is leading a bipartisan effort to preserve and showcase important Revolutionary War sites in both North and South Carolina and create a new trail linking them. The bill, H.R. 1286, otherwise known as the Southern Campaign... Read More

Infrastructure Investment Steers U.S. Out of Recession
2021-03-17 20:05:07
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- Congress sent clear signals this week that clean energy technology and the infrastructure to support it will provide a path to help the nation’s economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In two hearings, economists and lawmakers bemoaned the... Read More

House, Senate Democrats Say Time Has Come for Internet for All
2021-03-12 14:49:25
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - House and Senate Democrats assembled at the U.S. Capitol Thursday to unveil a new $94 billion proposal to make broadband internet more accessible and affordable nationwide, striking a blow at the digital inequalities that have become all-too-apparent during... Read More

Political News
What They Are Saying About the Inauguration of President Joe Biden
2021-01-20 20:04:32
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The swearing in of President Joe Biden went off without incident Wednesday, despite fears that false claims of election fraud by President Donald Trump and others would cause armed demonstrations to erupt across the country. In the end,... Read More

In The News
Biden Names South Carolina's Jaime Harrison as His Pick for DNC Chair
2021-01-15 15:35:20
by Dan McCue

WILMINGTON, Del. - President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday evening named Jaime Harrison, a former South Carolina Democratic Party chair and 2020 Senate candidate, as his pick for the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. Harrison, a one time aide... Read More

House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis to Return Next Congressional Session
2020-12-29 20:53:24
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis would continue its work during the 117th Congressional session with House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., returning as chair of the subcommittee.  Since its... Read More

Political News
Biden Picks Haaland to be First Native American Interior Secretary
2020-12-17 14:11:59
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - President-elect Joe Biden has asked Democratic Rep. Deb Haaland, of New Mexico, to serve as the first Native American interior secretary, a historic pick for a department that oversees the country’s vast natural resources and much of the... Read More

Political News
Clyburn Wants 'Halt' to Biden Tapping House Democrats for Administration

WASHINGTON — Wary of a narrow majority, one of President-elect Joe Biden's closest allies in Congress isn't sure the Democratic Caucus can afford to see any more House members join the new administration. "I think we better bring that to a halt," Majority Whip James E. Clyburn told reporters... Read More

Political News
Pelosi Nominated to Be Speaker Two More Years, Clark Elevated to Assistant Speaker
2020-11-18 19:48:45
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - House Democrats nominated Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to lead the chamber for another two years on Wednesday in a virtual voice vote that reflected a triumphant rebound in her stature among members, two years after a rebellious faction... Read More

Political News
Biden Readies Transition As Senior Republicans Stand by Trump's Refusal to Concede

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's refusal to concede the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden continued into Sunday, with Democrats urging respect for the vote's integrity and the president's staunchest allies defending his unfounded claims of fraud and blitz of lawsuits. But more cracks appeared in what... Read More

Senate Watch
SC Senate: Jamie Harrison (D)
2020-10-28 14:52:51
by TWN Staff

About Harrison: The son of a single teenage mom, and raised by his grandparents in Orangeburg, S.C., Harrison overcame the challenges of poverty with the help of teachers and mentors who believed in him. From a mobile home to Yale... Read More

Congress Demands Treasury Department Monitor Coronavirus Bailout Money Better
2020-09-01 21:40:47
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- Members of Congress directed tough questions at the U.S. Treasury secretary Tuesday about fraud and abuse in the Trump administration’s coronavirus relief program. They said billions of dollars intended to protect jobs and family homes were being diverted... Read More

Educators Say US Needs Better Plan to Reopen Schools Safely in Pandemic
2020-08-07 13:47:25
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON - House Democrats, at a congressional hearing Thursday on reopening public schools, accused President Donald Trump of mishandling the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. They said schools might not have been forced to close early in the Spring... Read More

Bipartisan House Panel to Provide Oversight on Federal Coronavirus Response
2020-04-02 18:11:26
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formation of a bipartisan select committee to oversee the allocation of trillions of dollars in approved funding to address the coronavirus crisis and ensure taxpayers dollars are "spent carefully and effectively." Pelosi... Read More

2020 Elections
Jim Clyburn, 'Kingmaker of South Carolina Politics,' Endorses Biden Ahead of Primary
2020-02-26 19:31:13
by Dan McCue

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, widely considered to be the political kingmaker in South Carolina, endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday, just three days ahead of the nation's First in the South primary. The endorsement was announced minutes after... Read More

2020 Elections
Clyburn Warns Sanders Victory May Endanger House Democrats

WASHINGTON — The highest-ranking African-American in Congress warned that if Bernie Sanders is the 2020 Democratic nominee the party could lose many of the moderate seats they won to retake the House in 2018. “It’s going to be tough to... Read More

New Dems Urge House Leadership to Move Bipartisan Drug Pricing Bills
2019-07-17 20:33:50
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Members of the New Democrat Coalition's Healthcare Task Force asked the House leadership on Wednesday to hold a floor vote on drug pricing bills with bipartisan support as early as next week. The request was made in a... Read More

Clyburn, Warren Want to Cancel Student Loan Debts for Nearly 42 Million Americans
2019-06-14 14:40:17
by Elin Johnson

WASHINGTON - House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., and Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said this week they plan to introduce legislation to cancel student loan debt for nearly 42 million borrowers. “For far too many students and families, the cost... Read More

Blue Dogs to Play Key Role on House Rural Broadband Task Force
2019-05-15 20:44:21
by Dan McCue

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., has launched a new House Task Force on Rural Broadband to provide coordination and leadership to end the rural-digital divide. The Task Force will work to advance solutions to ensure all Americans have access... Read More

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