DC Circuit Says Inflation Act Moots Oil Lease Fight
DC Circuit Says Inflation Act Moots Oil Lease Fight
2023-05-01 20:19:08
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — A hard fought legal challenge to a 2021 oil and gas lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico was rendered moot by the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last year, the U.S. Circuit Court for the District... Read More

HHS Unveils Key Dates for Medicare Drug Price Negotiations
2023-03-06 20:49:18
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON — When the Inflation Reduction Act became law last year, it empowered the Health and Human Services secretary, for the first time ever, to begin negotiating certain prescription drug prices with drug manufacturers. The prices would go into effect... Read More

Renewable Energy
$20M Going Toward Supporting Two Solar Projects in Maine
2022-12-16 16:29:13
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — About $20 million in Inflation Reduction Act funding is headed to Maine where it will support the development of two large-scale solar energy projects. Both projects are being undertaken in the state’s 1st Congressional District, in southeastern coastal... Read More

White House
Pomp, Circumstance and a Shared Vision of the Future Mark Macron Visit
2022-12-01 22:43:01
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Pomp and military flare were on vivid display on the South Lawn of the White House early Thursday morning as President Joe Biden formally welcomed his French counterpart, President Emmanuel Macron, to the executive mansion. Though the two... Read More

Electric Battery Company Building $2.6B Plant Outside of Atlanta
2022-11-11 22:54:18
by Dan McCue

ATLANTA — A clean-tech startup headquartered in Norway announced Friday that it has selected Coweta County, Georgia, just southwest of Atlanta, to be the site of its new electric vehicle battery factory. FREYR Battery said it plans to invest about... Read More

White House
Biden, in Campaign Form, Delivers Fiery Remarks to Celebrate Inflation Reduction Act
2022-09-14 15:59:21
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden, sans jacket but with his ever-present aviator sunglasses in place, was in full-on campaign mode as he welcomed thousands to the South Lawn of the White House Tuesday to celebrate last month’s passage of the... Read More

Political News
Momentum Building Among Democrats Against Manchin Permitting Reform Bill
2022-09-09 21:05:55
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — From Capitol Hill to the National Harbor in Maryland, momentum appeared to be building Friday against permitting reform legislation supported by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., being included in a bill funding the government. A vote on the bill,... Read More

The Sprint Is On: So Much to Do, So Little Time
2022-09-06 17:05:43
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — With Labor Day weekend now in the rearview mirror, Congress began to reconvene on Capitol Hill on Tuesday with much to do and little time to do it before the midterm elections are in full swing. The Senate... Read More

IRA Expected to Be ‘Transformative’ for Hydropower Sector
2022-08-22 18:54:10
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — The Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by President Joe Biden last week is expected to have a transformative effect on the nation’s hydropower industry, dramatically accelerating the development of new pumped storage hydropower projects and hydropower generation... Read More

Renewable Energy
Inflation Reduction Act Gives Major Boost to Hydrogen Sector
2022-08-18 18:30:41
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — When President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday, business leaders throughout the renewable energy sector cheered the finalization of the nation’s largest ever investment in climate and the clean energy solutions of the... Read More

White House
Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act in Modest White House Ceremony
2022-08-16 21:05:11
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Looking fresh and relaxed from a week vacationing in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, President Joe Biden returned to the White House this afternoon to sign the so-called Inflation Reduction Act and deliver on what he’s called the “final... Read More

Federal Budget
Budget Hawk Fears Prescription Drug Rebate Will Become Fiscal Gimmick
2022-08-16 15:39:26
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — A key compromise to ensure the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act could result in substantially less savings than was promised and may well wind up being nothing more than a “budget gimmick” in the hands of future... Read More

Companies Facing First Tax on Stock Buybacks in Biden Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats have pulled off a quiet first in their just-passed legislation addressing climate change and health care: the creation of a tax on stock buybacks, a cherished tool of Corporate America that had long seemed untouchable. Under the bill... Read More

Some in Drug Industry Fear Inflation Reduction Act Could Hinder Drug Innovation
2022-08-11 12:55:50
by Alexa Hornbeck

WASHINGTON — The Senate passed the roughly $740 billion tax, climate and health care package known as the Inflation Reduction Act on Aug. 7, by a vote of 51-50. The massive package includes provisions to reduce drug costs for patients... Read More

With Senate Passage, Nation on Cusp of Having First Climate Law
2022-08-08 21:48:49
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — “It wasn’t on the scoreboard one month ago,” Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., marveled when talking to reporters over the weekend, but in just a matter of days a budget reconciliation bill long presumed dead was suddenly a “historic”... Read More

Defeat of Insulin Price Cap in Senate Draws Complaints From Patient Advocates
2022-08-08 20:50:14
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — A proposed $35 monthly cap on the price of insulin failed to win approval in the huge economic tax and spending package the Senate passed Sunday. Republicans succeeded in removing the cap by inserting an amendment into the... Read More

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