Harvard Scientist Faces Trial for Alleged Spying for China
Harvard Scientist Faces Trial for Alleged Spying for China
2021-12-13 21:50:59
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — A well-known Harvard University nanotechnology professor is scheduled for trial Tuesday in Boston, Massachusetts, in a case that also tests the Justice Department’s initiative to crack down on spying for China.  Charles Lieber claims he was merely collaborating... Read More

Supreme Court
Justices Defer Harvard Case on Race in College Admissions

WASHINGTON (AP) — With abortion and guns already on the agenda, the conservative-dominated Supreme Court is considering adding a third blockbuster issue — whether to ban consideration of race in college admissions. The justices on Monday put off a decision... Read More

Harvard President Urges ICE to Ease ‘Hurdles’ for International Students
2021-04-29 20:03:07
by Dan McCue

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The president of Harvard University is urging the White House to untangle barriers put in place by the Trump administration and make it easier for international students to engage in low residency or hybrid educational programs. In... Read More

House Watch
TX-22: Sri Preston Kulkarni (D)
2020-10-31 00:35:27
by TWN Staff

About Kulkarni: Sri Preston Kulkarni is a big Rockets fan, lover of languages, and lifelong public servant. He is also a national security expert who has spent his career overseas. He was raised in a middle class family by an... Read More

Harvard's Belfer Center Releases Playbook to Address Nefarious Election Influence
2020-09-04 15:48:54
by Dan McCue

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Election officials across the country have a new tool to help them recognize and respond to malicious interference in the votes they oversee. Created by the Belfer Center at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, the new... Read More

In The News
2020 Hutchins Forum Hosts Discussion on America’s Racial Reckoning
2020-08-06 13:53:21
by Gracie Kreth

Harvard’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research and PBS NewsHour co-hosted a discussion Wednesday afternoon about the coronavirus pandemic and the racial reckoning occurring in America and the impact these two simultaneous events will have on the upcoming... Read More

Harvard Does Not Discriminate Against Asian Americans, Judge Rules
2019-10-01 21:35:44
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Boston ruled Tuesday that while "not perfect" Harvard University's admissions process does not discriminate against Asian Americans. U.S. District Judge Allison D. Burroughs' ruling comes in a 2014 lawsuit filed by the group Students... Read More

Study: 2018 Proved Company Voter Engagement Initiatives Effective
2019-07-02 19:50:55
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Companies that engaged in voter engagement initiatives prior to the 2018 midterms not only help get voters to the polls, but also created additional value for the businesses themselves, a new Harvard Kennedy School study said. During the... Read More

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