'The World Must Wake Up': Tasks Daunting as UN Meeting Opens
'The World Must Wake Up': Tasks Daunting as UN Meeting Opens

NEW YORK (AP) — In person and on screen, world leaders returned to the United Nations foremost gathering for the first time in two years on Tuesday with a formidable, diplomacy-packed agenda of escalating crises to tackle, including the still-raging... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Biden Pitching Partnership After Tough Stretch With Allies

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden goes before the United Nations this week eager to make the case for the world to act with haste against the coronavirus, climate change and human rights abuses. His pitch for greater global partnership... Read More

In The States
Colorado Lawmakers Told to Butt Out of Redistricting Effort
2021-06-04 19:55:02
by Dan McCue

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed the independence of the state’s redistricting commissions, holding that an effort by the General Assembly to change the process violated the state constitution. The ruling came as a result of an interrogatory lawsuit... Read More

State News
Virginia Lawmakers Set to Abolish Long-Standing Death Penalty
2021-01-22 16:42:28
by Tom Ramstack

RICHMOND, Va. - A Virginia General Assembly bill introduced last week to abolish the death penalty has the added backing of the governor in a state that has led the nation in the number of convicts given capital punishment. At... Read More

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