How Telehealth is Helping Address Veteran Food Insecurity
How Telehealth is Helping Address Veteran Food Insecurity
2021-10-13 15:23:22
by Alexa Hornbeck

WASHINGTON -- The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted veterans' access to food, leading to greater food insecurity, and according to officials from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, telehealth is now helping to combat the issue.  “The COVID-19 pandemic certainly... Read More

Pre-Pandemic, National Food Insecurity Dropped to Lowest Level Since Great Recession
2020-09-10 15:22:53
by Reece Nations

WASHINGTON – Last year, roughly 10.5% of all U.S. households lacked access to enough food for “an active, healthy life for all household members,” according to a report from the USDA’s Economic Research Service. This figure is down slightly from... Read More

At Tyson Foods, Pandemic Inspires Massive Effort to Address Food Insecurity
2020-09-02 13:47:51
by Dan McCue

SPRINGDALE, Ark. - The COVID-19 pandemic put everyone through changes. But for large companies, particularly those in the business of providing Americans with something to eat, the challenges that needed to be addressed, quickly, were far ranging and complex. A... Read More

State News
Massachusetts Designating Millions to Combat Pandemic Induced Food Insecurity
2020-07-23 20:30:45
by Reece Nations

As part of a $36 million food security program, Massachusetts’ executive administration unveiled $3 million in grants for residents suffering from urgent food instability due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito announced Wednesday the... Read More

Most College Students Struggling With Food Or Housing During The Pandemic, Report Says
2020-06-18 13:36:15
by Gaspard Le Dem

Roughly three in five college students in America are struggling to meet basic living needs like food and housing during the coronavirus crisis, according to a new report by The Hope Center. The study, which surveyed more than 38,000 students... Read More

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