Biden to Meet Qatar Leader as Europe Energy Crisis Looms
Biden to Meet Qatar Leader as Europe Energy Crisis Looms

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is hosting the ruling leader of Qatar at the White House on Monday as he looks for the gas-rich nation to step up once again to help the West as it faces the prospect of a... Read More

Mask Rules Get Tighter in Europe in Winter's COVID-19 Wave

ROME (AP) — To mask or not to mask is a question Italy settled early in the COVID-19 outbreak with a vigorous “yes." Now the onetime epicenter of the pandemic in Europe hopes even stricter mask rules will help it... Read More

Omicron Spreads Global Gloom Over New Year's Celebrations

BRUSSELS (AP) — After struggling with the coronavirus for far too long, the world understands all too well Belgium's word of the year, “knaldrang!” — the urge to party, the need to let loose. Yet as New Year celebrations approach,... Read More

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Biden Tells Macron US 'Clumsy' in Australian Submarine Deal

ROME (AP) — Working to patch things up with an old ally, President Joe Biden told French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday that the U.S. had been "clumsy" in its handling of a secret U.S.-British submarine deal with Australia, an... Read More

White House to Ease Restrictions on Travelers to US in November
2021-09-20 18:09:25
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON -- The Biden administration announced Monday that it will ease restrictions on international travelers coming to the U.S. starting in early November, requiring them to be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination before boarding a U.S. bound plane.... Read More

Restrictions on International Travel to Remain In Place
2021-07-27 12:59:10
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. is keeping existing COVID-19 restrictions on international travel in place due to concerns about the surging delta variant of the virus among the unvaccinated. “Given where we are today [with] the more transmissible Delta variant …... Read More

Norwegian‌ ‌Airline‌ ‌Opposed‌ ‌Over‌ ‌Low-Budget‌ ‌Business‌ ‌Model‌
2021-04-12 16:24:20
by Tom Ramstack

A startup airline based in Norway is running into opposition from a leading U.S. congressman on transportation policy over its plan to expand into the United States. The issue is its “flag of convenience” business plan. The startup, called Norse... Read More

COVID-19 Variant Brings New Dimension to Europe's Pandemic

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — In the first week of December, Portugal’s prime minister gave his pandemic-weary people an early Christmas gift: restrictions on gatherings and travel due to COVID-19 would be lifted from Dec. 23-26 so they could spend the... Read More

Pentagon Announces Major Re-Alignment of Troops in Europe
2020-07-29 20:32:31
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is winding down the U.S. military presence in Germany, and relocating some, but not all of those troops closer to the Russian border, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Wednesday. The decision marks a major force restructuring... Read More

Trump Halted Travel From Europe for 30 Days. Officials Now Say It Could Be Months

WASHINGTON — Restrictions on travel from Europe to the United States introduced in March by President Donald Trump could last for months, despite his initial statement they would remain in place for 30 days, three senior administration officials told McClatchy.... Read More

Trump Suspends All Travel From Europe to US Over ‘Horrible’ Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump took the extraordinary step Wednesday of announcing a suspension of all travel from Europe to the U.S. in an effort to contain the coronavirus, calling the fast-spreading respiratory illness a “horrible” pandemic that requires an “aggressive” response.... Read More

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