ROKK Solutions and Engagious Launch Strategic Partnership
ROKK Solutions and Engagious Launch Strategic Partnership
2021-02-16 21:19:18
by TWN Staff

Leading bipartisan public affairs firm ROKK Solutions and the widely-respected research firm Engagious are joining forces to offer a potent combination of communications and research capabilities to help organizations win their public policy campaigns. The newly announced strategic partnership will allow the two firms to... Read More

Opinion Polls
Poll Finds Majority of Americans Worried About Another Civil War
2020-10-02 19:22:37
by Dan McCue

Sixty-one percent of Americans are worried that the U.S. could be on the verge of another Civil War, while 52% say they've already started stockpiling food and other essential in anticipation of social unrest, according to a new national poll.... Read More

Opinion Polls
Majority Want Businesses to Offer Workers Paid Sick Time for COVID-19, Poll Finds
2020-07-01 20:53:08
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - A majority of Americans said they would feel safe patronizing a business or restaurant if they knew those who worked there were guaranteed paid sick leave if they came down with COVID-19, a new poll shows. The latest... Read More

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Groundbreaking Survey Series Asks, 'What Will It Take to Return to Normalcy?'
2020-05-19 21:09:31
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Would you be willing to take a cruise right now? How about attending a live sporting event? Or staying in a hotel? Perhaps flying? A new survey of the travel and leisure attitudes of Americans found that more... Read More

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