Report: Census Hit by Cyberattack, US Count Unaffected
Report: Census Hit by Cyberattack, US Count Unaffected

U.S. Census Bureau computer servers were exploited last year during a cybersecurity attack, but it didn't involve the 2020 census, and hackers' attempts to keep access to the system were unsuccessful, according to a watchdog report released Wednesday. The attack... Read More

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Threats of Cyberattack Loom as Space Assets Not ‘Critical Infrastructure’
2021-07-19 21:00:12
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Despite our reliance on space technology for things like communication, transportation, food, and health care — not to mention national security — our national space assets aren’t officially designated as critical infrastructure. Humanity is already dependent on space,... Read More

US, Allies Accuse China of Backing Cyber Attacks Worldwide
2021-07-19 13:41:56
by Dan McCue

The United States, NATO and several allies collectively called out China on Monday for a series of malicious cyber- and ransomware attacks, including a March attack that exploited a flaw in Microsoft's Exchange Server. Monday’s announcement, which followed a conference... Read More

Biden Team Moves Swiftly to Tackle Pipeline Political Peril

The Biden administration swung aggressively into action after a primary gasoline pipeline fell prey to a cyberattack — understanding that the situation posed a possible series of political and economic risks. The pipeline shutdown was an all-hands-on-deck situation for a... Read More

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