Medical Groups Join Lawsuit to Support DC’s Vaccination Law for Children
Medical Groups Join Lawsuit to Support DC’s Vaccination Law for Children
2021-08-11 20:48:33
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- A group of medical associations is speaking out to support the District of Columbia’s new law that allows children as young as 11 years old to request vaccinations from health care professionals without their parents' permission. The plaintiffs... Read More

Foreign Affairs
Blair Pushes Plan for Vaccinating the World in US, UK’s ‘Self-Interest’
2021-05-26 12:11:44
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been a vocal monitor of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, even sometimes criticizing the process in the U.K., which in many respects led the global vaccination effort earlier this year. Through his... Read More

Walgreens and Uber Team-up To Combat Vaccine Wastes
2021-05-04 16:00:27
by Alexa Hornbeck

Last week, in partnership with Walgreens, Uber announced the launch of a new way to transport individuals to get their vaccine shots, and to donate rides to those who aren’t able to get to and from their scheduled appointments.  “Our... Read More

Pharmaceutical Executives Suggest Annual COVID-19 Vaccinations
2021-04-19 14:18:13
by Tom Ramstack

Officials from the top U.S. pharmaceutical companies making the COVID-19 vaccine are saying vaccinated persons are likely to need booster shots within a year. In fact, they probably will need to get vaccinated yearly for the foreseeable future, similar to... Read More

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