Economic Challenges Difficult, Not Insurmountable
Economic Challenges Difficult, Not Insurmountable
2021-02-22 17:54:19
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — According to experts convened by the political advocacy group The Concord Coalition, the nation’s long standing fiscal, monetary, and economic challenges were made more difficult by the pandemic, but they are not insurmountable.  Leaders from the Congressional Budget... Read More

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Concord Coalition Weighs U.S. Deficit Against Pandemic’s Effect on Health Care Policy
2020-11-13 15:41:56
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON - With over 10.5 million Americans so far infected with COVID-19, the U.S. health care system’s focus has understandably been on strategies for combating the virus. Yet when the nation is finally able to shift back to handling longer-term... Read More

The Concord Coalition Argues the Case for Longer Work Lives
2020-09-16 20:27:56
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON -- A panel of experts, recently convened by The Concord Coalition, a bipartisan political advocacy group, contend that near-term economic and fiscal damage caused by the current health crisis will make living standards more important than ever. They contend... Read More

United States Posted Largest-Ever Monthly Budget Deficit in February
2019-03-22 21:31:58
by Dan McCue

The federal government posted its biggest monthly budget deficit ever in February as a sharp decline in corporate revenue coincided with increased spending, the Treasury Department announced Friday. The budget gap widened to $234 billion in February, compared with a... Read More

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