Outgoing COP26 President Sharma: ‘We Are Not Doing Everything in Our Power’
Think Tanks
Outgoing COP26 President Sharma: ‘We Are Not Doing Everything in Our Power’
2022-10-17 13:53:47
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — “We should be under no delusions; we are not doing everything in our power,” outgoing COP26 president and British Cabinet Minister Alok Sharma candidly shared with the Wilson Center last week as he looked back on his three... Read More

Army Releases Climate Strategy Implementation Plan
2022-10-05 19:04:51
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army released a comprehensive plan on Wednesday aimed at reducing the future impacts and risks on its installations and fighting forces associated with climate change. Senior Army leaders have long been concerned that the effects of... Read More

District of Columbia
DC Names Sports Celeb as City’s First Sustainability Ambassador
2022-09-06 14:46:38
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Heading into her second year with the Washington Spirit, the professional women’s soccer team in the nation's capital, Anna Heilferty expressed an interest in using her sports prowess to share her equal passion for sustainability. A new mayoral... Read More

'We're Back, Baby': New Bill Boosts US Climate Credibility

WASHINGTON (AP) — After a moment when hopes dimmed that the United States could become an international leader on climate change, legislation that Congress is poised to approve could rejuvenate the country’s reputation and bolster its efforts to push other... Read More

Climate Change Not Just Another 'Culture War Issue’
2022-07-23 16:40:49
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON —The summer of 2022 has shaped up to be a season of discontent for those who consider themselves climate activists and fans of the environment. It began three weeks ago, when a majority of justices in the U.S. Supreme... Read More

Biden Allocates $2.3B for Extreme Heat Relief, Opens Gulf Areas to Wind Energy
2022-07-20 18:36:21
by Dan McCue

SOMERSET, Mass. — President Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to this small New England town, which in many ways is emblematic of the nation’s energy transition, to announce a series of measures to deal with the extreme heat now gripping... Read More

Supreme Court Limits EPA Authority to Regulate Power Plant Emissions

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday dramatically limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, dealing a major blow to the Biden administration’s efforts to address climate change. The 6-3 ruling written by Chief... Read More

Business Groups Pushing Back Hard on SEC Emissions Reporting Proposal
2022-06-21 15:07:28
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Business groups and corporate lobbyists were among those pushing back hardest as the deadline elapsed Friday on a Securities and Exchange Commission proposal that would require companies for the first time to disclose their carbon emissions and climate... Read More

ExxonMobil Climate Change Lawsuit to Proceed
2022-05-25 15:21:50
by Reece Nations

BOSTON — ExxonMobil will have to defend its business practices in Massachusetts after a lawsuit concerning the oil and gas giant's role in propagating climate change was allowed to proceed on Tuesday.  The Massachusetts Supreme Court dismissed Exxon’s special motion... Read More

At Davos, Climate Debate Over Role of Oil in 'Going Green'

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — As government officials, corporate leaders and other elites at the World Economic Forum grapple with how to confront climate change and its devastating effects, a central question is emerging: to what extent can oil and gas... Read More

$3B in DOD Budget to Address Climate Change
2022-05-20 16:18:20
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — The Defense Department is requesting $3 billion in fiscal year 2023 “to address the effects of climate change, bolster … installation resiliency and adaptation to climate challenges,” and start to invest in what it believes is a more... Read More

US Army Leading by Example on Climate Change Adaptation
2022-05-18 17:56:42
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON — Though its primary mission remains warfighting, the U.S. Army is playing a leading role in an entirely different battle — the nation’s response to the challenges of climate change. The scope of this mission is laid out in... Read More

Renewable Energy
Battery-Powered Greek Island Bets on Green Future

TILOS, Greece (AP) — When deciding where to test green tech, Greek policymakers picked the remotest point on the map: tiny Tilos. Providing electricity and basic services, and even access by ferry, are all a challenge for this island of... Read More

Coral Reefs Provide Stunning Images of a World Under Assault

MIAMI (AP) — Humans don't know what they're missing under the surface of a busy shipping channel in the “cruise capital of the world.” Just below the keels of massive ships, an underwater camera provides a live feed from another... Read More

Lawmakers Warned More Diseases Coming From Sick Wildlife
2022-04-28 21:09:02
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — Animal disease experts at a congressional hearing Thursday described a bleak future for preventing wildlife viruses from jumping to humans before ballooning into pandemics without stronger government intervention. Human encroachment into the habitats of wild animals along with... Read More

Climate Change May Increase Risk of New Infectious Diseases

Climate change will result in thousands of new viruses spread among animal species by 2070 — and that's likely to increase the risk of emerging infectious diseases jumping from animals to humans, according to a new study. This is especially... Read More

In The States
Delaware Creates Climate Leadership Academy 
2022-04-25 20:13:47
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Late last year Delaware Gov. John Carney unveiled a state climate action plan that was two years in the making, and he made strides recently toward partnering with higher education to help reach communities that may be adversely... Read More

Environmental Groups and Labor Merge for Climate Rally in Lafayette Park
2022-04-24 15:08:45
by Kate Michael

WASHINGTON — Taina Lipwak came with elaborate canvas artwork that she attached to the fence around Lafayette’s statue. She wanted the crowd to see it, but she hoped President Biden might see it too.  “This is the center of government... Read More

WH Environmental Justice Advisors Press for Justice40 Action

Key members of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council said Tuesday that the Biden administration hadn't done enough to make good on its promise that 40% of all benefits from climate investment go to disenfranchised communities. Speaking at a... Read More

Political News
Nations Must Speed Up Shift to Renewables to Stifle Climate Change
2022-04-04 18:44:10
by Dan McCue

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Nations must dramatically speed up their shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy technologies if civilization is going to succeed in reining in the worst consequences of climate change, a new report from the United Nations... Read More

Environmentalists Suggest Nature’s Solutions to Reduce Global Warming’s Impact
2022-03-02 23:55:11
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON — Environmentalists told a congressional panel Wednesday nature knows best how to combat the global warming that increasingly is predicted to devastate human populations. Wetlands can protect against floods, more trees can get rid of greenhouse gas and plants... Read More

Renewable Energy
Race to Cut Carbon Emissions Splits U.S. States on Nuclear

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — As climate change pushes states in the U.S. to dramatically cut their use of fossil fuels, many are coming to the conclusion that solar, wind and other renewable power sources might not be enough to keep... Read More

In The States
Governors Turn to Budgets to Guard Against Climate Change

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Their state budgets flush with cash, Democratic and Republican governors alike want to spend some of the windfall on projects aimed at slowing climate change and guarding against its consequences, from floods and wildfires to dirty... Read More

World Economic Forum Warns Cyber Risks Add to Climate Threat

LONDON (AP) — Cybersecurity and space are emerging risks to the global economy, adding to existing challenges posed by climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, the World Economic Forum said in a report Tuesday. The Global Risks Report is usually released ahead of the annual... Read More

Satellite Observations Uncover Methane Emissions
2021-11-18 13:47:23
by Reece Nations

SAN ANTONIO — International scientists gathering data collected by satellites have discovered significant amounts of methane emissions leaking into the Earth’s atmosphere from gas pipelines, oil fields and landfills around the world. Teams of experts monitoring satellite-based instruments from the... Read More

US Northwest, Canada Devastated by Flood, 1 Death Reported

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — As many parts of western Washington began drying out after a storm that dumped rain for days, waters in some areas continued rising, more people were urged to evacuate and crews worked to restore power and... Read More

Government Unveils Suite of Analyses on Climate Change
2021-10-21 17:52:52
by TWN Staff

Several federal agencies representing the core of the executive branch’s national security and foreign policy apparatus, are releasing a suite of reports on the impact of climate change at home and abroad, and particularly on how to deal with the... Read More

National Weather Service Asks for Help to Face Climate Change Challenges
2021-10-15 15:49:40
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- National Weather Service officials tried to convince a congressional panel Thursday that now is the time to prepare for escalating travails of global warming. Staffing and technology needs will only grow, meaning any successes in weather forecasting in... Read More

Federal Agencies Release Plans For Adapting to Global Warming
2021-10-08 20:43:26
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON -- More than 20 federal agencies released their plans Thursday to adapt to climate change in response to an order from President Joe Biden. The plans explain how they will maintain the continuity of government service despite rising temperatures... Read More

Why Climate Change is Making it Harder to Chase Fall Foliage

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Droughts that cause leaves to turn brown and wither before they can reach peak color. Heat waves prompting leaves to fall before autumn even arrives. Extreme weather events like hurricanes that strip trees of their leaves... Read More

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