Mayoral Races Stay Focused on Police Practices, Rising Crime
Mayoral Races Stay Focused on Police Practices, Rising Crime

NEW YORK (AP) — Voters across the U.S. will pick new city leaders Tuesday from candidates who have been largely defined by their stances on police and crime.Those issues came to the forefront in cities big and small after the... Read More

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To Pay for Green Infrastructure, Cities are Turning Stormwater Into an Economic Resource
2021-04-13 20:14:00
by Anthropocene

This article is by Sarah DeWeerdt and was originally published by Anthropocene magazine. Stormwater is a big problem for cities—and a growing one. Lots of urban surface area is impermeable, so stormwater can’t sink into the ground but instead flows... Read More

Bye, Bismarck: 144 Cities Could Lose Status as Metro Areas

Bye-bye, Bismarck. So long, Sheboygan. Those cities in North Dakota and Wisconsin, respectively, are two of 144 that the federal government is proposing to downgrade from the metropolitan statistical area designation, and it could be more than just a matter... Read More

Non-Profit Sees Destabilizing Effect of COVID-19 First-Hand in DC
2021-02-16 15:51:31
by Daniel Mollenkamp

WASHINGTON - Representatives from a DC non-profit say the coronavirus has severely increased the reliance of underprivileged communities on their services, which emphasizes the socially destabilizing impacts of the virus. The DC neighborhoods around the headquarters of Martha's Table, a... Read More

Virus Dims Carnival Joy and Commerce on a New Orleans Street

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — During last year's Carnival season, tourists at the Elysian Fields Inn gathered over breakfast to talk about parades from the night before. At NOLA Art Bar, they sipped cocktails and watched a parade go by. At... Read More

Commuters Flock to Bike Shares in Cities Despite Concerns Over Health Risk
2020-06-19 19:00:44
by Jacob Pederson

With public transportation offline in some areas and alternatives like Uber being a little too close for comfort due to the coronavirus outbreak, a growing number of city residents are looking at municipal bike share programs to get around. However,... Read More

Black Female Mayors in Spotlight Amid Protests and Pandemic

DETROIT (AP) — Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms captured the nation's attention when she addressed the civil unrest occurring in her city after George Floyd’s death. “I am a mother to four black children in America, one of whom is... Read More

Census Bureau Survey Finds America Remains a Nation of Small Towns
2020-05-22 12:59:18
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Most Americans live in small incorporated towns and villages with populations of fewer than 5,000, a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau finds. Released on Thursday, the bureau's latest population estimates for cities and towns found that... Read More

National League of Cities Lauds House COVID-19 Relief Bill
2020-05-13 13:24:52
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - The National League of Cities is calling on the Senate and White House to embrace a new coronavirus relief bill introduced in the House on Tuesday that allocates $375 billion for the nation's smaller cities, towns, counties and... Read More

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Two Thirds of Big Cities Predict Recession, Midwest in Fiscal Decline, Report Says
2019-10-29 21:08:09
by Dan McCue

WASHINGTON - Two in three finance officers in large U.S. cities believe the nation will slip into a recession as soon as next year, testing their resiliency after years of sustained growth, a new report from the National League of... Read More

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