Goodbye ‘Godsend’: Expiration of Child Tax Credits Hits Home
Goodbye 'Godsend': Expiration of Child Tax Credits Hits Home

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — For the first time in half a year, families on Friday are going without a monthly deposit from the child tax credit — a program that was intended to be part of President Joe Biden's legacy but has... Read More

Political News
Build Back Better Impasse Jeopardizes Child Tax Credit Benefits
2021-12-17 22:19:45
by Reece Nations

SAN ANTONIO — Although the last Child Tax Credit payments were issued on Wednesday, social justice scholars like Rajni Shankar-Brown of Stetson University believe the program’s benefits far outweigh its costs. The Child Tax Credit was expanded earlier this year... Read More

Manchin's Child Tax Credit Stance Draws Criticism Back Home

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Joe Manchin’s reluctance to endorse the Biden administration’s expanded child tax credit program is rippling through his home state of West Virginia. Manchin, a moderate Democrat, is one of the last holdouts delaying passage of President... Read More

Think Tanks
Third Way Finds Build Back Better Provisions Would Lower Families’ Costs by Thousands
2021-12-02 22:36:20
by Reece Nations

SAN ANTONIO — Third Way, a D.C.- based think tank, released an analysis of the Build Back Better Act on Wednesday that predicts a two-parent family of four would get a tax cut and have lower costs of up to... Read More

Treasury and Federal Reserve Discuss Benefits of Child Tax Credit
2021-09-29 21:50:39
by Alexa Hornbeck

WASHINGTON -- The Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs met this week to discuss the CARES Act and supporting an equitable pandemic recovery through vaccination efforts, supporting small businesses, and longer term needs like broadband infrastructure investments.  The members... Read More

White House
Money in the Bank: Child Tax Credit Dollars Head to Parents

WASHINGTON (AP) — The child tax credit had always been an empty gesture to millions of parents like Tamika Daniel. That changes Thursday when the first payment of $1,000 hits Daniel's bank account — and dollars start flowing to the... Read More

Federal Budget
Reps Push Child Tax Credit Expansion But Watchdog Says 'Not So Fast'
2021-02-09 12:27:48
by TWN Staff

WASHINGTON - House Democrats renewed their push to permanently expand and "improve" the Child Tax Credit, but a prominent fiscal watchdog warns that while the proposal deserves consideration, it must be fully paid for under the House PAYGO rules and... Read More

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