Mayors Taking Pay in Cryptocurrency Embrace CityCoins Fundraising
Mayors Taking Pay in Cryptocurrency Embrace CityCoins Fundraising
2022-01-26 00:10:19
by Reece Nations

SAN ANTONIO — Mayors Eric Adams of New York City and Francis Suarez of Miami, Florida, who have publicly championed the benefits of cryptocurrency, now have turned to the digital tender as a means of public fundraising. CityCoins are a... Read More

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Launches Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund
2022-01-13 00:39:49
by Reece Nations

SAN FRANCISCO — Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday announced the creation of a nonprofit legal defense fund geared towards defending Bitcoin developers from litigation. Dorsey announced the fund in a mailing list for Bitcoin developers and said its... Read More

Bitcoin Miners Flocking to Texas for Cheap Energy May Bring Grid Problems
2021-11-24 18:28:47
by Reece Nations

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas’ alluring low energy costs are drawing bitcoin miners from out of state despite the vulnerable condition of the electrical grid. Cryptocurrency mining is an energy-intensive process in which new cryptocurrencies are entered into circulation by using... Read More

China Declares All Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal

BEIJING (AP) — China's central bank on Friday declared all transactions involving Bitcoin and other virtual currencies illegal, stepping up a campaign to block use of unofficial digital money. Chinese banks were banned from handling cryptocurrencies in 2013, but the... Read More

Judge Defines Bitcoin as Currency Under D.C. Money Laundering Law
2020-08-03 13:55:00
by Tom Ramstack

WASHINGTON - A federal judge’s recent ruling gave prosecutors nationwide a new tool for pursuing money launderers by redefining bitcoin as a form of currency. The ruling was based on the prosecution of a man who tried to evade criminal... Read More

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