Tenney to be Certified Winner of New York’s 22nd Congressional District Race, Judge Rules
2021-02-06 00:31:17
by Dan McCue

Republican Claudia Tenney will be certified as the winner of New York’s 22nd Congressional District race, a judge ruled Friday, ending a three-month ordeal in the only undecided House race in the country. Despite the ruling, the legal saga is... Read More

Judge Rules Against Brindisi on Ballots in NY Congressional Race
2021-02-01 21:01:54
by Dan McCue

One could almost hear incumbent Rep. Anthony Brindisi sigh as he typed a tweet early last week. "Unfortunately, this is a long process," he said of the legal battle and ongoing ballot count that will ultimately decide the outcome of... Read More

State News
Brindisi, Tenney Race May Not Be Decided Before Start of 117th Congress
2020-12-22 17:07:57
by Dan McCue

Continued delays in the review of ballots cast two months ago in one New York county could mean the state's 22nd Congressional District will go without representation at the start of 117th Congress in January. During a State Supreme Court... Read More

2020 Elections
Outcome of Brindisi/Tenney Race in Upstate N.Y. Still Far From Certain
2020-12-03 20:51:57
by Daniel Londono

To those who felt their lives were just a little bit emptier after a canvassing board in Iowa certified the results in that state's 2nd Congressional District, declaring a winner in a race in which the candidates were separated by... Read More

House Watch
NY-22: Claudia Tenney (R)
2020-11-02 05:03:11
by TWN Staff

About Tenney: Claudia Tenney is an attorney and businesswoman. She was elected to Congress in November 2016 to represent New York’s 22nd District which encompasses eight counties in Upstate New York. Prior to her election to Congress, Claudia represented portions... Read More

House Watch
NY-22: Anthony Brindisi (D)
2020-11-02 04:55:59
by TWN Staff

About Brindisi: Elected in 2018, Anthony Brindisi has been an outspoken advocate for his district. As an independent voice and a tireless supporter of Upstate New York’s working families, Brindisi has developed a record of working with anyone, at any... Read More

House Watch
TX-22: Sri Preston Kulkarni (D)
2020-10-31 00:35:27
by TWN Staff

About Kulkarni: Sri Preston Kulkarni is a big Rockets fan, lover of languages, and lifelong public servant. He is also a national security expert who has spent his career overseas. He was raised in a middle class family by an... Read More

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