Obtaining and Using TWN Content

Learn more about using The Well News content, and be sure to also review the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

I. Do I need permission to use The Well News content?

Yes. With the limited exceptions described on this page, all use of The Well News content (text, photographs, graphics, etc.) requires the permission of The Well News.

Please be advised that when articles or photographs are credited to a source other than The Well News (such as the Tribune Content Agency), it is most likely that the credited source holds the rights to the material. Please contact that party directly.

2. Do I need permission to email an article?

The “Email This Article” feature that appears on most article pages allows you to distribute an article by email to designated recipients. The use of this feature is limited to personal, noncommercial purposes only.

For information about sending links to TheWellNews.com articles via email, review the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

3. May I use portions of The Well News articles, such as quotes or excerpts? May I edit or adapt The Well News articles?

Under certain circumstances, it is permissible to make direct quotes from The Well News articles. The context, number and length of the quotes will determine whether permission is required. It is never acceptable to selectively quote from articles in a manner that changes their meaning, to take quotes out of context or to combine quotes to create a sentence. It may also be considered infringement if a large percentage of the publication consists of quotes from The Well News articles. It is always best to submit a request for clearance by emailing [email protected] with the subject line “Reprint Request”.

Editing and adaptation of The Well News content are generally not permitted and must be approved by The Well News.

Use of article excerpts is possible with permission from The Well News, without alteration to the intended meaning of the original text.

4. Can I use headlines and summaries of The Well News articles?

You are permitted to create your own summaries and to use The Well News headlines with links back to the articles located on TheWellNews.com. For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

5. Does The Well News provide a research service?

We do not provide a research service. To request a reprint of an article, you must first gather all the necessary information about the article, such as the URL if found online or the headline, author and date published.

6. My question about rights and permissions is not answered here. Where can I send my question?

If you have further questions regarding rights and permissions, please email [email protected].

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