New Member Legislative Directors
U.S. House of Representatives

January 23, 2019 by TWN Staff

As new members of the House of Representatives take office, one of the most important decisions they make is the appointment of a legislative director. The Well News is tracking all of these top hires.

DistrictU.S. RepresentativeLegislative Director
AZ-02Ann KirkpatrickChristian Walker
AZ-09Greg StantonTracee Sutton
CA-10Josh HarderAdela Amador
CA-21TJ CoxJared Henderson
CA-25Katie HillGraham Kelly
CA-39Gil CisnerosEmma Norvell
CA-45Katie PorterBrieana Marticorena
CA-48Harley RoudaAndrew Noh
CA-49Mike LevinJonathan Gilbert
CO-02Joe NeguseBen Morris
CO-06Jason CrowJustin Meuse
CT-05Jahana Hayes tbd
FL-06Michael WaltzWalker Barrett
FL-15Ross SpanoAugustus T. Ashton
FL-17Greg SteubeReginald Darby
FL-26Debbie Mucarsel-PowellCourtney Fogwell
FL-27Donna ShalalaCarla McGarvey
GA-06Lucy McBath tbd
HI-01Ed CaseTim Nelson
IA-01Abby FinkenauerTyler Wilson
IA-03Cindy AxneDenise Fleming
ID-01Russ FulcherAndrew Neill
IL-04Jesus “Chuy” GarciaDon Andres
IL-06Sean CastenCalli Shapiro
IL-14Lauren Underwood tbd
IN-04Jim BairdSarah Czusin
IN-06Greg PenceJonathan Van Buren
KS-02Steve WatkinsAdam York
KS-03Sharice Davidstbd
MA-03Lori TrahanRonny Carlton
MA-07Ayanna PressleyAissa Canchola
MD-06David TroneChristina Tsafoulias
ME-02Jared GoldenEric Kanter
MI-08Elissa Slotkintbd
MI-09Andy LevinCatherine Rowland
MI-11Haley StevensSarah Reingold
MI-13Rashida TlaibDominique Warren
MN-01Jim HagedornJim Hahn
MN-02Angie CraigWill Mitchell
MN-03Dean PhillipsImani Augustus
MN-05Ilhan OmarKelly Misselwitz
MN-08Pete StauberJeffrey Bishop
MS-03Michael GuestElizabeth Joseph
ND-01Kelly ArmstrongCasey Fitzpatrick
NH-01Chris PappasSteven Carlson
NJ-02Jeff Van DrewJavier Gamboa
NJ-03Andy Kimtbd
NJ-07Tom MalinowskiEliza Ramirez
NJ-11Mikie Sherrilltbd
NM-01Deb HaalandEric Werwa
NM-02Xochitl Torres SmallBrooke Stuedell
NV-03Susie LeeSamuel Morgante
NV-04Steven HorsfordJosefina Villanueva
NY-11Max RoseErin Meegan
NY-14Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAriel Eckblad
NY-19Antonio DelgadoJessica Andrews
NY-22Anthony BrindisiRobert Dougherty
NY-25Joe MorelleAbbie Sorrendino
OH-16Anthony GonzalezStephen Hostelley
OK-01Kevin HernJeff Billman
OK-05Kendra HornRayshon Payton
PA-04Madeleine DeanColleen Carlos
PA-05Mary Gay ScanlonArmita Pedramrazi
PA-06Chrissy HoulahanCaitlin Frazer
PA-07Susan WildDorcas Adekunle
PA-09Dan MeuserPatrick Rooney
PA-13John JoyceMatthew Tucker
PA-14Guy ReschenthalerEmily Ackerman
SC-01Joe CunninghamRaShawn Mitchell
SC-04William TimmonsHilary Ranieri
SD-01Dusty JohnsonDarren Hedlund
TN-02Tim BurchettZach Dooley
TN-06John Rosetbd
TN-07Mark GreenJay Krozner
TX-02Dan CrenshawMatt Hodge
TX-03Van TaylorJohn Thompson
TX-05Lance GoodenRyan Ethington
TX-06Ron WrightLevi Gibson
TX-07Lizzie FletcherCharles Jackson
TX-16Veronica EscobarJacqueline A. Sanchez
TX-21Chip RoyMargaret Harrell
TX-29Sylvia Garciatbd
TX-32Colin AllredJanelle McClure
UT-04Ben McAdamsEric May
VA-02Elaine LuriaTyrone Bratton
VA-05Denver RigglemanIsaac Hoskins
VA-06Ben ClinePaula Manley
VA-07Abigail SpanbergerMaryam Janani
VA-10Jennifer WextonMichael Lucier
WA-08Kim Schriertbd
WI-01Bryan SteilDavid Goldfarb
WV-03Carol MillerLauren Billman



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