Dan McCue
Dan McCue
2019-03-02 00:51:39
by Dan McCue

Dan McCue is the Content Editor of The Well News. In nearly three decades in journalism, he has been the managing editor for a chain of 18 weekly newspapers, the Southeast regional editor for the Courthouse News Services, and was... Read More

Michael Cheng
2019-02-01 18:24:50
by Michael Cheng

Michael Cheng is a legal editor and writer with publications for Blackberry, ISHN Magazine, Houzz and Payment Week. His technical writing experience comes from industrial sectors, as well as emerging markets and cutting-edge technology companies. Michael resides in Florida and... Read More

HJ Mai
2019-01-29 23:03:23
by HJ Mai

HJ Mai is a political reporter for The Well News. He is an award-winning journalist, who has been covering politics, business and sports for various U.S. and European publications. Originally from Munich, Germany, HJ most recently worked as the energy... Read More

Maria Volkova
2019-01-29 22:47:18
by Maria Volkova

Maria Volkova received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and Russian literature from the University of Maryland.  She has previously interned at The Moscow Times and Voice of America. She currently works as a freelancer and writes about a plethora of... Read More

Dan Weisman
2019-01-25 23:55:18
by Dan Weisman

Dan Weisman is a longtime, award-winning writer and editor who was a fellow in online journalism at Knight Digital Media Center at the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Journalism. Founder and editor of numerous online journalism projects, including... Read More

Tom Ramstack
2019-01-25 22:58:40
by Tom Ramstack

Tom Ramstack is a Washington, D.C.-based journalist and attorney. Prior to joining The Well News, he covered transportation and legal affairs for The Washington Times and founded The Legal Forum, a news service for Washington's legal community that also offers... Read More

Melody A. Kramer
2019-01-24 20:39:14
by Melody A. Kramer

Melody A. Kramer is a freelance writer, trial lawyer, and the author of Lawyers Decoded, an exposé on how lawyers think and act. She lives in San Diego.

Victoria Macdonald
2019-01-17 22:58:32
by Victoria Macdonald

Victoria Macdonald is a HR industry expert and currently serves as the Chief People Officer at WE. Before arriving at WE, Victoria spent a decade working with industry-leading multinational pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca Canada and Takeda Canada. These organizations earned recognition for... Read More

Dan Cohen
2019-01-02 03:22:48
by Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen is the founder of Full Court Press Communications. He was a political consultant and now serves as a strategic communications strategist co-located in Tel Aviv and Oakland. Dan learned politics by electing Democrats in Florida. Dan is a... Read More

Bill Myers
2019-01-01 21:50:26
by Bill Myers

Bill Myers authored  The Well News exclusive series on "Safe Passage," a program that radically rethinks America's War on Drugs. In the Safe Passage series, Myers digs into how opioids have overwhelmed rural Illinois. Desperate, the cops in Ronald Reagan’s... Read More

Carl Hiaasen
2018-12-19 00:44:00
by Carl Hiaasen

Known for his biting commentary on scandalous business practices and corrupt politicians, Carl Hiaasen's candor and humor have been a staple of The Miami Herald for nearly three decades. After beginning his journalism career at Cocoa Today (now Florida Today),... Read More

Dan Mahaffee
2018-12-15 01:20:40
by Dan Mahaffee

Mr. Mahaffee manages CSPC’s policy programs, and serves as corporate secretary to the 35-member Board of Trustees. Mr. Mahaffee is responsible for the Center’s research and policy prioritization, and develops op-eds, essays, and presentations regarding CSPC’s policy programs—including cybersecurity, technology... Read More

Robert Koehler
2018-12-12 00:53:56
by Robert Koehler

Robert Koehler is a nationally recognized award-winning journalist, fiction writer and poet whose essays and columns have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines and on public radio and the Internet. Koehler’s column is intensely political without being trapped in partisan... Read More

Will Marshall and Anne Kim
2018-11-30 21:23:47
by Will Marshall and Anne Kim

Will Marshall is president and founder of the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI). Anne Kim is a senior fellow and director of domestic and social policy at PPI. 

Sameh Elamawy
2018-11-27 19:31:40
by Sameh Elamawy

Sameh Elamawy is the co-founder and CEO of Scratch, a San Francisco-based loan servicing company. Elamawy serves on the Consumer Advisory Board of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

Erin McPike
2018-10-30 21:47:07
by Erin McPike

Erin McPike has been on national TV thousands of times - as a reporter, an analyst and a guest. She’s appeared on everything from Morning Joe on MSNBC to Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News to Real Time with... Read More

Sean O'Brien
2018-10-30 21:44:33
by Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. He has served under both Democratic and Republican administrations as a senior official in the Pentagon, the White House and the House of Representatives. He can... Read More

Lanae Erickson Hatalsky
2018-09-19 09:12:54
by Lanae Erickson Hatalsky

Lanae Erickson Hatalsky is Senior Vice President for Third Way's Social Policy & Politics program.

Nathan Kasai
2018-09-14 22:37:00
by Nathan Kasai

Nathan Kasai is Senior Policy Counsel for Third Way.

Anne Kim
2018-09-11 19:22:30
by Anne Kim

Anne Kim is a senior fellow and director of domestic policy at the Progressive Policy Institute and a contributing editor at Washington Monthly.

Carrie Lee
2018-09-11 17:45:19
by Carrie Lee

Carrie Lee is an assistant professor at the U.S. Air War College and a Security Fellow with Truman National Security Project. Any views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the... Read More

Angie Craig
2018-09-11 01:26:12
by Angie Craig

Angie Craig is running for Congress in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District in 2018. She lives in Eagan with her wife and four sons.

Lanae Erickson Hatalsky and Nathan Kasai

Lanae Erickson Hatalsky is Senior Vice President for Third Way's Social Policy & Politics program. Nathan Kasai is Senior Policy Counsel for Third Way.

Mary Sanchez
2018-09-11 00:23:04
by Mary Sanchez

Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo., with family roots in Mexico, Mary Sanchez brings an uncommon perspective to the issues that tend to divide Americans into groups of “us” and “them.” A reporter foremost, Sanchez has spent years covering... Read More

Leonard Pitts
2018-09-11 00:22:21
by Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts Jr. joined The Miami Herald in 1991 as its pop music critic. In 1994, he began writing a column on pop culture and social issues. Working out of Washington, D.C., Pitts continues to defend and define American culture... Read More

Rachel Marsden
2018-09-10 23:56:44
by Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a conservative commentator, international political strategist and university professor based in Paris, France. A former Fox News co-host and contributor, she has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, France24, LCP TV France, Paris Premiere (France),... Read More

John Kass
2018-09-10 23:39:25
by John Kass

John Kass has covered a variety of topics since arriving at the Chicago Tribune in 1983. The son of a Greek immigrant grocer, Kass was born June 23, 1956, on Chicago’s South Side and grew up there and in Oak... Read More

Robert B. Reich
2018-09-10 23:23:17
by Robert B. Reich

Robert Reich, one of the world’s foremost economists, is the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy and senior fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University of California, Berkeley. Reich was the Secretary of Labor in the Bill... Read More

TWN Staff
2018-09-08 13:35:58
by TWN Staff

All content under this byline is compiled by The Well News reporting team. Thanks for reading and if you haven't done so already, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can read... Read More

Dirk Roburn
2018-09-07 20:27:59
by Dirk Roburn

This is a bio discussing the multiple accomplishments of Dirk Roburn. An established aristocrat across many circles in the southwest. This individual is the closest we will get to the Dos Equis guy. This is clearly a false author entry... Read More

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