Political Ads & Polling Round Up: September 30

September 29, 2020 by TWN Staff


Biden Going Bilingual

Biden for President announced new commercials in Spanish and English that emphasize the importance of the Latino community.  In the markets of Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, “We Are Someone” will air on television and in digital format. The ad in Spanish focuses on Trump’s attack on Obamacare during a pandemic that has cost more than 200,000 lives. In Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, “Keep Our Country Running” will air on digital platforms. The announcement in English features a key moment from Joe Biden’s speech in Florida, at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, where he says that the pandemic has shown “how much we depend on people with Hispanic roots to keep our country running. We not only have to thank them, we have to pay them and treat them with dignity.” 

Additionally, “M’hija” a bilingual radio ad that will also air in Texas, features a dialogue between a mother and daughter who discuss the importance of the upcoming elections and have a plan to vote. It reminds Latinos of the power they have to remove Trump from office and register to vote. The announcement directs them to voyavotar.com to check the status of their current voter registration.

New Biden Ads Featuring Small Business Owners

Biden for President is launching four new ads featuring small business owners in key battleground states. The ads will run digitally and on TV in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Trump Calls Dibs

In the run up to the first head-to-head presidential debate, the Trump campaign has called dibs on YouTube’s homepage, commandeering prime real estate atop the world’s second largest search engine for a full 24 hours. Part of a seven-figure digital ad blitz, the Trump campaign will spotlight a two-minute clip from a viral YouTube video testimonial praising the president on the site’s own masthead.

The new campaign ad, entitled “I See A Way Out,” features Gary Lamb, a Black truck driver who credits the president with granting him a “second chance” after struggling with depression and financial hardship.

YouTube to Become TrumpTube

The Trump campaign has secured YouTube’s massive banner on over 20 occasions according to a campaign official, with plans to purchase the coveted ad space for a 72-hour run up to Election Day.

For more than $1 million, new ads being released by the campaign include “Abraham Accords,” which highlights the historic diplomatic agreement ushered by the Trump administration between the leaders of Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

A one-minute ad, “Teleprompter Joe,” alleges that the former vice president relies on a prompter during interviews.

While the Biden campaign outspent the president’s camp on television advertisements by more than 2-to-1 in September, according to CMAG/Kantar media, the president’s re-election bid continues to invest big in digital, spending over $17 million in online advertising this month alone.

“Sully” Sullenberger Teams up With The Lincoln Project

Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the retired pilot known for the “Miracle on the Hudson” where he safely landed US Airways Flight 1549 in 2009, teamed up with the anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project for a new ad ahead of the Tuesday-night presidential debate.

The $200,000 ad buy is co-sponsored by VoteVets and will run on national cable Tuesday, leading up to the debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday evening, according to a press release.

Lincoln Project Reaching out to Hispanics

In its latest advert in Spanish, the Lincoln Project has appealed to Hispanic voters and communities for them to remember the “incalculable impact” that the “bad handling” of the coronavirus pandemic has had on them.

The anti-Trump group has published a new video targeting Hispanic voters, whose turnout has been reported to be able to swing six battleground states including Florida, Arizona and Texas.

DCCC Ads Warn Gonzales Can’t be Trusted

Today, the DCCC released its first TV and radio ads ahead of the general election in TX-23 highlighting why Texans can’t trust Tony Gonzales to serve them in Congress. The ads are airing beginning today.

“Tumbleweed”  and “Desprotegido” are running in both English and Spanish and highlight Tony Gonzales’ “health care plan”. The ad will reach TX-23 voters on San Antonio broadcast serving Spanish and English speakers.

On the radio, “Fight”  and “Lucha” are running in both English and Spanish in Odessa.


New Poll  Would Americans approve or disapprove of President Trump paying no federal income taxes for 10 of the last 15 years? As long as he didn’t break any tax laws, it is acceptable – 35%. Even if he didn’t break any tax laws, it isn’t appropriate – 52%

New Poll from Pew Research shows a median of 82% across 20 publics consider government investment in scientific research worthwhile, and majorities view it as important to be a leader in scientific achievements.

A New YouGov America Poll: Filling the Supreme Court vacancy 40% of Americans believe the current president should nominate the next SCOTUS judge, while 53% say whoever wins the 2020 presidential election should.

Morning Consult Poll shows Biden leading by 7 points nationally.

Morning Consult Poll shows 60% of Democrats say the court is ‘very important’ to their vote, up 12 points in a week.

Morning Consult Poll finds 60% say Trump should commit to leaving White House if he loses; 53% are concerned he will refuse.

According to The New York Times / Siena College: Battleground poll in Pennsylvania, a majority of likely voters intend to watch the debate tonight. They are closely divided on who will win the debate with 41% saying Trump and 39% saying Biden.

Pew Research Poll finds YouTube has become an important source of news for many Americans. About a quarter of all U.S. adults (26%) say they get news on YouTube. 

New Gallup Poll – For the first time in Gallup’s 28-year trend, a majority of Americans think the government should do more to solve the nation’s problems. As the U.S. continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, the resulting economic downturn, and racial injustice issues, 54% of U.S. adults favor increased government intervention, while 41% think the government is doing too much that should be left to individuals and businesses.

Quinnipiac surveys found Trump not gaining ground in Ohio. A Quinnipiac survey from September found Biden with a 1-point lead, 48% to 47%. A Quinnipiac survey from mid-June found a similarly tight race with Biden leading by 1 point, 46% to 45%. 

New NBC Poll – In Michigan, Biden was up 8 points over Trump, 52% to 44%, a new NBC News/Marist poll found — but that’s with a 4.3-point margin of error. His edge was slightly greater in Wisconsin, where NBC/Marist reported a 10-point Biden lead (54% to Trump’s 44%).

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