Political Ads & Polling Round Up: October 6

October 6, 2020 by TWN Staff
Voting stations are set up for the primary election at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Monday, June 22, 2020, in Louisville, Ky. With one polling place designated for Louisville on Tuesday, voters who didn’t cast mail-in ballots could potentially face long lines in Kentucky’s unprecedented primary election. (AP Photo/Piper Blackburn)


Republicans Point to Corrupt Lobbyists and Billionaires

The National Republican Congressional Committee is running a new ad in IL-13 attacking Democrat Betsy Dirksen Londrigan saying her campaign is being funded by corrupt lobbyists.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is running an ad in TX-23 claiming Democrat Gina Jones “has made clear she’ll stand with the left when it comes to downsizing our military. Jones is running to represent San Francisco billionaires, not Texans.”

Democrats Feature Special Interest Donors

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a new ad in NE-02 saying of Republican Don Bacon:  In Washington, Congressman Bacon’s only cooking up deals for his special interest donors. Like when Bacon bragged he voted “hell yes” to let insurance companies slice and dice protections for people with pre-existing conditions, like heart disease.

And “hell yes” to serving up an “age tax” on older Nebraskans. 

Congressman Bacon—cooking up deals for special interests, while Nebraskans get burned.

New Mexico Senate Race

This week, Ben Ray Luján’s campaign launched his latest television ad in the New Mexico Senate race. The ad – “Labs” – highlights Luján’s work to create good-paying jobs for New Mexicans and support the National Labs. 

“Labs” is part of a multi-million dollar, bilingual ad campaign by the Luján campaign that will run through Election Day.

Another of his campaign’s recent ads – “Stands” – spotlights his Republican opponent Mark Ronchetti’s record of siding with President Trump, at the expense of New Mexicans. 

“Mark supports Trump’s plan to take away New Mexican’s health care and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, has joined Trump in misleading the public with conspiracy theories during the pandemic, and has even praised Trump’s failed pandemic response as “very good,”  according to the campaign.

NFL Player Stars in Trump Ad

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. launched a new television ad featuring former Obama supporter and NFL player Jack Brewer that claims President Trump has a strong record of producing real results for Black America and Joe Biden has a history of failed policies that have devastated the Black community for decades. According to the campaign, Trump has produced record-low unemployment rates and historic criminal justice reform.

President Trump’s reelection campaign also launched a new radio ad comparing Joe Biden’s record to President Trump’s claiming a vote for President Trump equals four more years of greatness for Black America.

Brewer is part of a new, six figure ad buy on select network cable outlets touting the President’s Platinum Plan for Black America.

Mother of Seven, Barrett in New Ad

President Trump’s re-election campaign also unveiled a new television ad highlighting the president’s Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, as a Constitutional conservative, proud Christian, and mother of seven. This newly released ad, airing on network cable, is a part of an eight figure ad buy, and urges Americans to support President Trump and stand up for conservative values.

Heritage Launches ‘Fight for America, Vote for America’ TV Ads

The Heritage Foundation is launching a $1.1 million television ad campaign called “Fight for America, Vote for America”. The ads will run nationally for four weeks on four major news and entertainment channels. They direct viewers to Heritage’s website and encourage them to engage in various ways, including registering to vote. “The Heritage Foundation offers hope and won’t surrender to those who only offer havoc,” says Heritage President Kay C. James.


A new public poll in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District shows Stephanie Bice leading Kendra Horn 49% – 45%. This is the second public poll in a month showing Bice with a lead.

A Well News quick poll on Twitter shows 69% of respondents would not take a COVID-19 vaccine if one became available before the election, 31% said they would.

A Well News quick poll on Twitter found 57% of respondents believe the Supreme Court vacancy should be filled before the election while 43% feel it should not.

A recent Harris Poll found COVID-19 is delaying retirement for nearly one-third: 30% of non-retired Americans said that COVID-19 caused them to re-evaluate their retirement plans and push back retirement.

A YouGov America poll found voters overall don’t trust President Donald Trump and the White House to be honest about the president’s health and treatment for COVID-19. Only 39% of registered voters said they trusted the president while 52% said they did not. Thirty-seven percent said they trusted the White House while 49% did not. The numbers are dramatically different when broken down by party affiliation with 84% of Democrats saying they don’t trust the president and 80% of Republicans saying they do. As far as trusting the White House, 79% of Democrats don’t and 73% of Republicans do.

 A new NBC News-Wall Street Journal national poll found Biden leading Trump by 14 points nationally, up from 8 points last month.

New York Times-Siena College new post-debate survey finds Biden leading Trump by 5 points in Florida. The same poll found Biden ahead by 8 points in Arizona, with Democrat Mark Kelly leading Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz. by double digits.

A new Morning Consult Poll shows 63% of voters said the president did not take proper precautions to prevent contracting COVID-19, while 23% said he did take these steps and 15% didn’t know or had no opinion. There was a major political divide with 86% of Democrats saying the president didn’t take precautions, compared with 63% of independents and 35% of Republicans.

Conversely, 42% of Republican voters said Trump did take the proper precautions while just 19% of independents and 8% of Democrats said the same.

A new Morning Consult Poll found the majority of Republican voters (57%) said Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, set for the week of Oct. 12, should go on as planned regardless of Trump’s COVID-19 case, while 51% of voters — driven by 3 in 4 Democrats — say they should be delayed.

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