New Members to Watch

CA-21: TJ Cox (D) New Members to Watch
CA-21: TJ Cox (D)
2019-01-02 02:04:29
by CA-21: TJ Cox (D)

TJ Cox is an engineer and small businessman whose passion is community development. He is a native Californian and the son of immigrants who taught him the importance of hard work, personal integrity, and fighting... Read More

CA-25: Katie Hill (D) California
CA-25: Katie Hill (D)
2018-09-08 15:15:43
by CA-25: Katie Hill (D)

Before running for Congress, Katie served as Executive Director of PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), the largest homeless services organization in California. Read More

CA-39: Gil Cisneros (D) California
CA-39: Gil Cisneros (D)
2018-09-08 17:57:10
by CA-39: Gil Cisneros (D)

Gil Cisneros is an independent leader running for Congress to ensure our children are provided with the same ladder of opportunity that the Navy provided him. Read More

CA-45: Katie Porter (D) California
CA-45: Katie Porter (D)
2018-11-05 23:37:22
by CA-45: Katie Porter (D)

As a Consumer Protection Attorney, Katie Porter has spent nearly twenty years fighting powerful interests and Wall Street banks on behalf of consumers and families. She’s a national leader in consumer protection and has won big victories against financial ... Read More

CA-48: Harley Rouda (D) California
CA-48: Harley Rouda (D)
2018-11-04 15:30:16
by CA-48: Harley Rouda (D)

I’m a businessman, husband, father, and a patriot – not a politician. I love this country, and I’m running for Congress because Washington politicians have failed us for too long. I’ve spent my career working to grow businesses ... Read More

CA-49: Mike Levin (D) California
CA-49: Mike Levin (D)
2018-11-05 23:40:16
by CA-49: Mike Levin (D)

For the last two decades, Mike has been involved in a variety of local, state and federal political campaigns and community organizations. Now, he wants to be your champion in Washington. Mike was raised in South Orange County, where he ... Read More

CO-02: Joe Neguse (D) Colorado
CO-02: Joe Neguse (D)
2019-01-02 02:32:51
by CO-02: Joe Neguse (D)

As a 34-year-old son of refugees from Africa, Joe is not your typical candidate for Congress. But his family’s story, and deeply held belief that we need people from all walks of life to speak up and engage in ... Read More

CO-06: Jason Crow (D) Colorado
CO-06: Jason Crow (D)
2018-11-05 23:43:12
by CO-06: Jason Crow (D)

At a time when our political system is broken and new leadership is needed to take us in a different direction, Jason Crow’s path feels refreshing and all-too rare. Jason grew up in a working-class home with values that ... Read More

CT-05: Jahana Hayes (D) Connecticut
CT-05: Jahana Hayes (D)
2018-09-08 17:48:34
by CT-05: Jahana Hayes (D)

Hayes is a lifelong CT resident. A former social studies teacher at John F. Kennedy High School, she currently serves as the Talent and Professional Development Supervisor for Waterbury Public Schools. Read More

FL-06: Michael Waltz (R) Florida
FL-06: Michael Waltz (R)
2018-11-02 17:38:32
by FL-06: Michael Waltz (R)

I’m a proud Florida native, a combat decorated Green Beret, a former Fox News Contributor, and a small business owner. I have served my country my entire life, attending the Virginia Military Institute and serving for... Read More

FL-15: Ross Spano (R) Florida
FL-15: Ross Spano (R)
2018-11-04 15:42:59
by FL-15: Ross Spano (R)

As a State Representative, Ross has been a consistent voice for families and small businesses, advocating for less regulation, lower taxes, higher paying jobs and safer communities. He has fought to protect the most vulnerable... Read More

FL-17: Greg Steube (R) New Members to Watch
FL-17: Greg Steube (R)
2018-11-04 15:47:45
by FL-17: Greg Steube (R)

A fifth-generation Floridian, Greg Steube has dedicated his life to service. Greg earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida, majoring in Beef Cattle Sciences and minoring in Agricultural Law. Upon completing law school, Greg decided to ... Read More

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